Tarot Tuesdays- Fairy Tale Tarot, 9 of Pentacles

When you first becomes acquainted with a tarot deck, one of the best techniques to get the deck and you in tune with each other is to draw one card each day. Not only does this help the deck to contain your energies, it also helps develop your card-reading abilities.

One can do this with a burning candle, some incense or even within a circle, but I like to do this straight after I have done my daily devotional to Hekate and Anubis in the morning.

Today’s card is the 9 of pentacles from the Fairy Tale Tarot, which I picked up at a book sale, for a third of its shop price WOOHOO!

This deck I tend to read through looking at the images, more than looking at the book meaning. The reason that I do this is because the notion of fairy tales is to tell a story after all, specifically through symbols and archetypes. The picture allows the mind to tell the story of the card in relation to your life. Of course I also take into account the number and the suite, but with this particular deck it is the picture that allows my own intuition to come through, so the picture tends to be the main focal point of the reading.

In this card, is an old man with a walking stick holding out a box to a young boy. The trees are gnarled, and contain the images of pentagrams within the branches. The Roots of the trees also form pentacles. There is a path that leads beyond the trees.

According to the book, this particular fairy tale is “The Boy and the Dancing Fairy” In which a boy is granted a box which contains a wish-granting fairy, by an old man, and thus achieves his desires.

The number 9 represents the nearing of the end of one cycle. Pentacles are of course associated with finances and other material concerns.

I am about to embark upon a new phase in my life, I am moving closer to my boyfriend, and will be starting to live officially on my own by the end of the week. I have been living on my own for the last two and a half weeks but the place I’m living in did not ever feel like it was *my* home. The number 9 is a number of letting go, so that the new cycle can begin, this is what I’ve been talking about over the last month, removing the muck, and allowing positive energy to occupy that space, allowing positive change, and the beginning of a new cycle.

In the traditional meaning of the card, which I derive from Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis, it signifies a period of self reliance and peacefulness and material success, specifically in relation to property. Lisa Hunt in the Fairy Tale Tarot conveys the same meaning within the companion book.

Reading the symbolism in the card’s image:

The Old Man- Wisdom, a long hard path, a teacher, help in form of a guide

The Young Boy- youth and independence

The Box- opportunities, material gain and a gift

The Path- embarking upon a new phase, moving on to a new place, new stage of life

The Trees- Strength, growth, shelter.


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