12 Month Challenge- Astral Travel

Astral Travel. Do you believe in and/or practice astral travel, why or why not?

I do believe in Astral travel.

I believe that in my childhood I traveled frequently, and that it was not too difficult, as I got older, it became more difficult. I do however find it quite easy to visit my Astral temple.

I travel frequently to my astral temple, and the last time I went there a large Crow was waiting for me, it was quite a fantastic experience.

I believe that I also travel while dreaming, some of these dreams included me casting spells and doing protection rituals, some had me meeting Hekate, Anubis and loved ones who have passed on, and some have been to strange and beautiful places that I’m sure I could not have conjured up myself.

I gave up on actively forcing myself to travel, and since, I’ve had more spontaneous experiences, walking around the perimeters of places I once knew.

I think astral travel is possible because time does not really exist in the way that we think it does, I believe that we can simultaneously experience the past, present and future through astral travel, as we are not bound by our physical frames and physical limitations.

I believe that we can experience other worlds, in other galaxies, in whole other universes.

Now all of this may sound quite Sci-Fi, and perhaps it is, after all I grew up on my fair share of Science fiction, and indeed do love the genre, but I know that in many cultures similar things have been reported, and the notion of traveling to other worlds or other planes is not uncommon for Shamanic practitioners. I have done two sets of artworks based on a shamanic journey, and whether or not it was fuelled by psychological understandings of moving outside of the body or travelling between worlds, or more literal ones, really does not even matter, at least not to me.


5 thoughts on “12 Month Challenge- Astral Travel

    • Sorry this reply is so late, I’ve been so busy unpacking lol! The Astral temple is basically a temple you set up within the astral planes. Everyones looks a bit different, since magical acts are amplified within the astral, as one no longer has to use physical and material correspondences, the astral temple is a wonderful place to cast any spells or do any whopper rituals. I visit mine through meditation and learnt things from my guides, in this case it was the Crow spirit.

  1. I don’t only believe in it, I practice it as much as I can! I’ve found that Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Astral Projections and OBEs are really all the same “kind” of experience. That is, they’re experiences we have in a reality which isn’t this physical one. What differentiates the many labels we use and what makes the experiences “seem” so very different (when they actually aren’t different at all) is how consciously aware we are during the experience.

    Pop over to my website and give a read. I’ve got many articles which I’ve personally written on the subject along with a free 60 page eBook which you can download and read. 🙂

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