12 Month Challenge- Summer Blockbuster- A Tale Told by an Idiot…

If you were to create a pagan movie what would it be about?


This one is more difficult than I thought! I’ll have to think of this in terms of feelings rather than actual subject!

Many Pagans have an issue with the type of Media Witch and Wizard that they see frequently on the big and small screen, but to be honest, I tend to not mind so much and quite like some unrealistic elements. Escapism is my friend! It would probably be in the genre of High and Gothic Fantasy, a kind of Sleepy Hollow meets Lord of the Rings!

I’ve stated before that I thoroughly love the more mysterious and fantasy qualities of the word “witch” and what taking on that word to describe oneself implies. I personally think that shoving all that aside and completely ignoring the more fantastical connotations of the word “witch” is silly. The word was reclaimed for a reason!


It would be a dark tale of lust, love, passion and horror, it would be filled with chills and thrills and it would be one of those movies that stays in your head and in your body for a while, conjuring up inexplicable feelings.

On the soundtrack would be a hefty dose of Marilyn Manson and Uriah Heep.

It would be a love story, a story of love for the gods, for the world, for Nature, for each other; it would be a quest for the self, it would be finding the demons inside and battling them of whether or not to overcome them or to embrace them. It would be a tale of betrayal, surrender and triumph. It would be a tale of madness and obsession.

It would be psychological and painful and would make you question your own morality and points of view. The line between villain and hero would be blurred as will the line between the beautiful and the grotesque.

There would be blood, sex, and violence; it would be dangerous, sexy and horrific. It would be uplifting, depressing and a whole lot of other contradictions, it would ask questions rather than answer them.

To give you a slightly more tangible understanding of what is in my mind at the moment, I would take you on the Fools Journey, only instead of the World being a conclusive and the happy ending we all want so desperately it will leave you with feelings of ambiguity.

I think I’ll probably start creating this in poetry and art! My creative bone has been struck again! Thank you Maggie for this lovely topic for the month!


6 thoughts on “12 Month Challenge- Summer Blockbuster- A Tale Told by an Idiot…

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