Goodness Gracious Just What Are You Up To!?

Wow I keep taking these long breaks from you all, but I promise it’s not because I’m tired of you or blogging!

I was tempted to blog a few days ago, for an award I received but I couldn’t really come up with 11 new wonderful things about me, which shouldn’t be surprising as this blog is composed of the randomness of me, and it is difficult to think of random things on the go!

I’ve been very lax with the pagan reading challenge but I am reading for it, albeit at a really slow pace. I am thoroughly enjoying Christopher Penczak’s The Witch’s Heart which is all about Lurv!  I think Penczak is one of my favourite authors, although I don’t agree with him 100% I do like what he has to say, and he treats the Gods as more than just a correspondence which is fantastic. He also doesn’t cripple his work with fluffiness, and allows the reader to decide upon their own ethical standings. Very few author’s these days allow the reader to make up their minds about their own morality and instead bombard the reader with their own opinions, that is the quickest way to get on my nerves.

I’m also reading Goddess Afoot! which is annoying me some, I feel that she has very strange notions about morality which I expressed in my review of Goddess Aloud! She is on the “get’s on nerves” list of authors. She also seems to have a very limited view of Feminism, as a Goddess Worshiper herself, I find this strange, but I will explore this in more detail when I review the book, as I’m only about a third of the way in, and don’t want to be completely unfair!

I think I will be doing some Goth Home decoration posts next, I have a post on Polyvore, although my bathroom looks quite different to my little experiment on Polyvore. I also think my  bedroom is looking more gothic since buying this lovely black and silver Damask quilt for my bed! I will post pictures for it soon as well!

Basically I’ve just been sorting through things I’ve needed and wanted for the new place, to make it slightly more homely. My boyfriend says the place is looking witchy so I’ll take his word for it, of course I’m much more critical of my home’s witchiness :).

I think I’m finally used to living on my own, I see my boyfriend frequently and that alleviates much of my loneliness, and I’m starting to develop my own routines.

I should also be starting to bake for Imbolc soon, although I don’t actually celebrate this particular Sabbat I do want to try bake a milktart and hopefully it won’t flop!

I haven’t done any crafting since moving but I hope that I will get some inspiration for more things soon!



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