The Temple of Love part one

*Action, Action – post about a ritual, working or other experiential moment related to your path that has occurred recently, or that you are planning to do.

As you all know, I was reading “The Witch’s Heart” by Christopher Penczak, which I will be reviewing it soon, as I finished it last night!

Of late, the Mysteries of Hathor have been quite important, ever since that fateful day when I was possessed with the need to dance, dance and dance til I collapse, I have been working regularly with Het- Heret.

In my early practice Aphrodite was immensely important to me and my own self esteem as a teenager, unfortunately we were never more than acquaintances. It wasn’t a tragic moment when we parted ways and she still delighted in the occasional offering. When I discovered Het Heret, it was an instant connection. She of course embodies the Spirit of Taurus in many ways, love, beauty, dance, sex, sensuality, music and passion, ecstasy and physical pleasure. So with my focus on this book by Penczak and my developing relationship with Het Heret it would only be natural to conduct rituals of love and beauty, dance and passion in honour of Her

In the last two weeks, I have blessed Tulips in Her name and have  offered Her Turkish delights, I have sung her songs, and danced my heart out, I have also been inspired to poetic outbursts in ritual.

Last Friday I combined a ritual of Self Love from Penczak’s book with my own ritual structure and it was an incredibly beautiful ritual.  I may be doing another Ritual tonight, another one adapted from Penczak as I’d like to review this book having done some of the work from it.


I adore you Queen of Beauty

I adore you Perfect Love

I adore you who Dances

I adore you Great Cow

I adore you Intoxication

I adore you Lady of Fragrance

I adore you Beautiful Het Heret


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