Tarot Tuesdays- The High Priestess

The High Priestess is usually one of the first cards I will look for and study when I open a Tarot deck. It might seem strange to start with Her and not The Fool but for me  it is only through the High Priestess’s obsidian orb that we are able to engage with the Otherwordly realm which is being presented to us. She shows the way forward, and presents to us the dreamscape, which we will be traversing, she is the enchantress after all, the one who knows our deepest desires, our greatest fears, she knows what is hidden beneath, and it is through her Shamanic Hedge riding that we are able to be taken upon this journey.
She is the traveler between the worlds, she holds the key to the Otherworld, and she is the conductor of souls. Make no mistake that she can indeed be seductive, enigmatic and dangerous. She is The Witch, the one who curses, heals and loves, and she is the one who will guide us through this journey, she is both antagonist and guide, challenger and protector, she is fierce, fiery, but it is the fire of the moon, cold and calm, but can raise storms and tides to treacherous outcomes.

She is ever mysterious, Priestess of Hekate, the Dark side of the moon, the shadows that bob and bounce in the candlelight and the eye that see’s beyond the physical reality.  She is also deceit for things are not always as they seem, she is madness, she is lunacy, she is the ecstasy of beating drums and pounding feet, she is maiden, mother, crone, she is Isis Unveiled, she is desire run amuck, she is sacred prostitution and veiled virginity, she is cruelty and irrationality, and she is waiting in the echo of every chant, incantation and whisper.

3 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesdays- The High Priestess

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