Imbolc House Blessing Floorwash

“We came on the wind of the Carnival. A warm wind for February…” Chocolat Joanne Harris

I am still feeling the tides of Winter, but there is always a feeling of hope during August. August is known as The Windy Month and while in the Northern Hemisphere Imbolc or Candlemas falls durong February, in the Southern Hemisphere our seasons are reversed. 

The wind brings a change amd August is oftrn both hot and cold, the first leaves of spring, appearing on the oak leaves. 

Because I wanted to bring in the Spring, and wash away the dormant fog of Winter, I decided to make a floorwash. 

A magical floorwash is considered a rinse wash, with the floor having already been cleansed with detergent. I often add lemongrass or a freshly squeezed lemon to the first wash:

Bucket of Hot water

5 drops of Lavender oil

Juice of one squeezed orange

Strawberry tops (saved over from yesterday’s bread)

5 drops Rosemary oil

I wash the floor in a Sunwise direction, to welcome the sweetness of the sun and hum to myself sweet songs of birds, bees and the first shoots of green. 

Vintage Cinderella

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