Nightshade’s Imbolc House Blessing Floorwash

Still feeling the tides of Imbolc and the strength of the first full moon of this month, I decided to make a floorwash and make an offering to my Household spirit, who happens to be Thunderbird.

While “awakening” the Totem I saw in my mind’s eye, the massive wingspan of Thunderbird covering the cottage, bringing protection and blessings to the home. I also made offerings to Hekate Who stands at the door, and Anubis Guardian of  the Temple.



Here is my floorwash recipe:

Bucket of Hot water

5 drops of Lavender oil

Juice of one squeezed orange

Strawberry tops (saved over from yesterday’s bread)

5 drops Rosemary oil

Wash the floor in a Sunwise direction, as we are welcoming back the light into our homes after the winter.

Despite the fact that I do not celebrate Imbolc on a religious level, I have found the tides of the Imbolc energy to be immensely helpful, to bring about positive change and bless the home for harmony.

* Please note that a magical floorwash is considered a rinse wash, with the floor having already been cleansed with detergent. I often add lemongrass or a freshly squeezed lemon to the first wash.


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