12 Month Challenge- ET And Alters


E.T. and Alters. Where does the idea of aliens fit in to your spiritual believes?

Hmm aliens… Aliens… Aliens! You mean like  the ones from Mars Attacks!?

Ehm back to reality now…

I definitely believe Aliens exist. However I do not feel it has an impact on my “here and now” spiritual beliefs. I believed in the existence of aliens when I was  Christian, when I went through my Dark Night of The Soul, I would believe in Aliens even if I didn’t believe in anything. My reason for believing in the existence of alien life form may be construed as irrational, it may be construed as downright nerdery, even bull-headedness.

I do not know all the theories on Aliens, I do not know if we have been in contact with Aliens in the past, I do not know the evidence stacked for or against their existence, all I know is that I do not think for one second that this is the only planet in our galaxy in the entire multitude of galaxies that fill the universe, that has life.

Because of my particular flavour of Witchcraft, an understanding of the what, who and How of aliens, does not really impact on my own practices or beliefs. I think it is an interesting theory that our Gods, may be “aliens” but I do not actually have thoughts on that one way or the other. Whatever is out there, we are all connected on this big web, so we are connected to life-forms that may exist on other planets, it is huge to think in this way, HUGE, it can make my brain hurt sometimes to think of it.

Now I’m going to watch me some Mars Attacks!




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