12 Month Challenge- Schools in!



If some one was to approach you about teaching them about paganism how would you handle it? What would your lesson plans look like?

Hmmmm. Teacher Nightshade has arrived in class and she feels overwhelmed at the notion of actually teaching Paganism.

Third Person references aside, I’m not sure how I’d approach teaching paganism to someone, other than possible future children. My reason is simple, although I feel I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from books and fellow pagans, and gained some hands on experience through trial and error, I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of things which I do not know, which I have not experienced, and I’d feel ill-equipped.

The first thing that would need to be discussed is whether or not the student wants to learn paganism in general or my specific craft. The former would require historical research including books on Egyptian, Greek, Norse, European and Traditional African Religion, history, art and mythology. I’m still way out of my depths with plenty of this, partly because good books are hard to come by at a reasonable price, and I myself often prefer to read on more practical applications of modern paganism.

The latter is still something I’m attempting to create, and form, it is still in its very early stages, like a line in a poem that has yet to be written.

I’m quite philosophical in my approach at explaining my beliefs and practices to my boyfriend, I’d fear that my student might get lost. On the other hand I do enjoy sharing whatever knowledge that I gain, and enjoy receiving knowledge from others, especially those who have far more experience than me. My practice is in many ways “practical”, what with domestic witchery such as house cleansing, kitchen witchery and crafting, which I think is rather a nice way in, to teach a student.

The bottom line is I don’t think I’m much for structure, nor for spoon-feeding. I don’t know if I could teach someone who isn’t willing to do the work, or look at things from both a deeper and more simplistic level.

My lesson plans would be in the form of crafting, cooking, baking and of course gardening. Learning that every moment is filled with magic, that every action is indeed magical, that intent can fuel the magic and create ritual is an important lesson. Of course there would be more formal esbat and sabbat rituals, learning the basics of circle casting and quarter calling, meditation, grounding and centering, along with the theological and philosophical implications of magical practice and sacred living.

I would not charge for teaching as to charge for spiritual teaching is unethical to me.

Books that I would recommend to my student would include:

  • Animal Speak – Ted Andrews
  • Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of magical herbs – Scott Cunningham
  • Any good gardening/ or plant encyclopedia I have Hamlyns All Colour Plant Directory among others
  • Judes Herbal Home Remedies- Jude C Todd
  • Wicca A guide for the solitary practitioner- Scott Cunningham
  • Hekate: Keys to the crossroads- ed Sorita d Este
  • Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living- Melusine Draco
  • Egyptian Paganism- Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon
  • Witchcraft- Theory and Practice- Ly De Angeles




One thought on “12 Month Challenge- Schools in!

  1. I love how honestly you write. I admit this topic was a bit of a challenge for me too. Making the jump from student to teacher is hard. Especially for those like us that are creating a whole new path, versus following one that is pre- established. The only reason I even had a plan was because I have been asked to teach others on more than one occasion, Not to mention that whole panicked moment where I said “Oh my Gods, how am going to teach my kid what I believe?”

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