Jasmine- Like your love, its scent enfolds me…

Jasmine is one of my favourite flowers, not only due to its amazing scent, but also because for me, it is a sacred flower that entwines itself around my own particular history.

When The Hedgehog and I first met in September 2005, Jasmine was in the air, Jasmine was the scent that brought us to each other, and our first year anniversary again was filled with the sweet, delightful and intoxicating scent of Jasmine. 7 years on, and Jasmine, still enfolds me with that special closeness that The Hedgehog and I share.



According to Scott Cunningham, Jasmine is used for love, money and prophetic dreams. Whenever I can I add Jasmine to love powders and sachets, and romantic baths.

Jasmine would make a lovely offering to love deities including Het-heret and Aphrodite, and can also be used in beauty rituals. Jasmine has a very calming effect and the incense can be burned to bring a calm and romantic atmosphere to the home. The tea can be used to calm the nerves and has other health benefits including help with weight loss, cancer prevention and is a powerful antioxidant.

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4 thoughts on “Jasmine- Like your love, its scent enfolds me…

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    • I believe that someone’s personal associations with a flower, herb or scent are what makes them more potent for that person. For me Jasmine has always been love and beauty, so those are the associations that stick out for me the most.

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