The Witch’s Potted Garden

My love for gardening began when I was a small child; My mother and my Ouma would always be pottering around in the soil and the garden and I couldn’t help but fall in love with all the weird and wonderful hues and fragrances, textures and shapes. My love for soil and seed was nurtured, and I grew my very own pansies from seed in the first home I ever knew. Since then I have never been able to live without plants, they instantly make a house a home, and bring brightness and pleasure to my life.

As I live in a small garden cottage, a container garden is the only option open to me.


The plants that I have currently growing include: petunias, red and pink roses, yarrow, peppermint, lavender, strawberries, blackberries, azaleas, coral tree, black grass, black dragon, osteospermums, sunflowers ( I’m waiting expectantly for flowers), Datura, Sticky nightshade, jasmine and many more. I enjoy growing all manner of plants from the weird and wonderful to the culinary and medicinal. I like colour and scent, and anything that is unusual or pretty, so when I go the nursery it is always hard not coming back with every plant they have, because I simply love them all!


It is my wish to one day have a poison garden filled with Gothic herbs associated with Witchcraft and Mystery. For now my weedy Nightshades will suffice.


It is important for me as a Witch, to develop my relationship with the land and with the soil. Each plant that grows in my garden has a spirit with it’s own unique powers and strengths. I lovingly plant seeds, repot, and when the time is right, gather the flowers and leaves, for cooking, offering and spellwork.

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2 thoughts on “The Witch’s Potted Garden

  1. The husband & I are fairly new homeowners, so we have hit many nurseries in the bay area. So far Regan’s may be our favorite. Not only is it huge, we had no trouble finding knowledgeable people to help, and the rose selection — the reason we went — is amazing. I’ve never seen so many types of roses, and the selection of English roses is impressive; they are usually hard to find, but Regan’s had dozens. The selection of other plants, trees, and bushes is also impressive — and the descriptions next to each are good. It seemed like the prices would be high, judging from the looks of it, but it wasn’t very expensive. We bought 2 potted plants for outside at maybe $5/ea, and the herbs were all inexpensive. While Fremont is a bit of a trek for us, even with good nurseries in the Peninsula, I would definitely go here again and recommend it to others.

    • We often use Flora farm, which usually has an amazing selection. Lately we’ve been using a small nursery at a Mega Mica. Some of my more witchy plants like the Datura and Sticky Nightshade were picked up on the side of the roads when we lived on the farm. I like visiting small local nurseries too as they usually have some of the more hard to track plants.

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