Blog Awards: Liebster Award!

Ok so I’m going to try do one of these a week, since I got a few… I will try to do them in the order that I received them 🙂

Sal Kaye of Still Dark @ Heart tagged me for this award! whoopa! Check out her awesome blog on Grown up darkly alternative fashion!



  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Create 11 questions.
  • Choose 11 people and link back to them.
  • No tag backs.

11 Things about myself

1.I’ve realised while living on my own that I’m one of those people who sings in the Shower, usually a Janis Joplin number.

2.I’m actually thrilled at the idea that there might be ghostly happenings in my new place!


3. I cannot resist books! AT ALL. I think Mighty Lord Thoth is having some fun with me… My book collection is expanding disproportionately to the speed at which I can read!

4. Spinning off from the last point, Thoth ruling systems of knowledge and symbols, also is a huge influence in my now expanding collection of Tarot decks. One more I say… and then but just one more…

5.I really dislike a messy home, despite what my home looks like half the time!

6. Music and Tea make everything better, at least for that moment that I’m listening to it and drinking my tea.

7. I hate being told what to do! This is a  typical Taurean trait, but there is no harm in posting it here! I do ask for people’s opinions, but when I haven’t asked I’d appreciate people to keep their often foolish opinions to themselves. This often happens with acquaintances.

8.  As a child the notion of trying on different persona’s was so fundamentally important to me, and the development of my own personality and style, the notion of performing the self has become quite an interesting topic in my recent life.

9. I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, I may have but anyway- Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! I love shoes because no matter how fat I feel or how    bleh I’m feeling on a particular day, a nice pair of heels makes me feel really sexy and wonderful, even if I’m complaining after an hour about me feet aching!

10. Putting my Ipod on shuffle, the first five songs that played today were Marilyn Manson, “The Gardener”; The Beatles “Free as a bird”; Sisters of Mercy “Temple of Love”; Eminem “Cold Wind Blows” and Madison Avenue ” Don’t call me baby”

11. Despite showing you all my art, and writing about my life like this, I’m actually very shy, and always nervous about showing new work or poetry.

Sal’s Questions!

Favorite book and why?

Eeeegh, hard one! Good Omens by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman is absolutely amazing! Cracks me up all the time! The Vampire Lestat, is one of my favourites of all time! And I treasure my Edgar Allan Poe! Does there have to be a why?
To how many foreign countries have you been to? To which ones? Which countries would you like to visit before you die?
Uh, and here I show my very unwordly-ness, I have been to Swaziland as a child but I don’t remember it! I’d love to visit Ireland and Egypt!
Pink or Purple?
Purple all the way!
Cat or Dog? Bird or Hamster? Spider or Snake?
All, I cannot choose! I’ve had all of them around me at some point in my life and they are all wonderful pets
Favorite movie and why? Also: Favorite actor/actress.
Johnny Depp is my favourite actor hands down 🙂 !
Favourite actress is a bit more tough! I love Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, and it is hard to choose!
Favourite movie is also really tough! I love so many movies! My favourite Genre though is Horror! And Romance! Moulin Rouge, The Notebook and Autumn in New York are my favourite Romance movies, and I love practically all horror movies even the lame ones ha ha ha. Again does there have to be why? I love tragic romances, I don’t know why, I suppose it appeals to my inner tormented soul. The same for Horror I suppose.
Would you pay more than 100 $ for a pair of shoes you really like?
No! I shop cheap! The most I’d go is R500 on a really hot pair of boots, and R350 on a stunning pair of heels. I don’t tend to spend more than R1000 on clothes in one sitting, I just don’t see the point! If it’s too expensive I’ll never wear it. I can’t stand to think of expensive things getting ruined!
Super Mario or Sonic The Hedgehog?
Do you knit/crochet/sew/draw/…?
Cannot knit…at all, it ends up looking like a cat was playing with the ball of wool! Same with Crochet! I have the most basic sewing skills, but once I buy my own sewing machine I hope to improve! I sew crafts of course which you will find all over the blog. And I draw and paint, it is my passion!
What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
Halloween goodies.
Do you play an instrument? Which one?
No, I’m useless with musical stuff really!
Do you collect anything? Books, candles, yarn, buttons…?

I collect everything! Shells, crystals, candles, books, c.d’s, vinyls, teddy bears, jewellery, ornaments (dragons, fairies etc), sticks, feathers, practically anything and everything will have been on my “she collects” list…

My Questions.

1. What is your personal style?

2. What is your earliest memory?

3.  5 things you cannot live without?

4. What was the last movie you watched?

5. If you could meet with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

6. Do you have any regrets? Do you see them rather as learning experiences?

7.  You have found that elusive lamp, and the genie will grant you 3 wishes, what are they?

8.  What is your favourite musical lyric?

9. You’re watching a typical hero/villain film, who are you rooting for? (any character can count even the little guy on the side:)

10. What is your greatest fear?

11.What 5 things are you grateful for today?


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