Spring Halloween Craft- Buttons, Ribbons and a Hat!

Here is my latest craft for Spring and Halloween, it took a million trillion buttons, some thread, a cheap hat (although now that it is complete I wish I had bought a better quality hat in the first place), and tons of patience. A lot of blood, sweat and tears literally went into this, although it was technically quite simple.

I’m in two minds about whether I like it or not, it needs improvements, but I really need to get cracking on other crafts so I’ve left this for now!



  • Charge the buttons with wishes for the coming year, especially if you are in the Northern Hemisphere where it is Samhain (the Witch’s new year)
  • It would be nice to start from the bottom and wind all the way to top which I essentially did with the large buttons, making a teeny little cone of power. on a practical level however it is easier to start from the top and work your way down with the buttons as the ones at the top can be a bit of a pain to sew on.
  • Make sure you have a large button supply, I had to go back to the haberdashery three times to fill ‘er up.
  • If you are using one of these very cheap type hats, you will need extra reinforcement on the inside for the hat to stay in shape, I used interfacing.
  • You can choose buttons in a particular colour scheme for a particular purpose i.e green for prosperity, purple for psychic skill development etc. I chose a full spectrum of colours due to it being springtime.

I welcome you to leave a comment below...

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