Tarot Tuesdays- Pentagram Ritual Spread

I developed this spread specifically in order to help me with ritual design and reflection on any planned ritual that I might have ahead. I’d love to know your thoughts on the spread, so try it out and let me know if it worked for you, or if it didn’t anything that you’d like to add or adapt. I’m not a “professional” tarot reader so anything I do with the cards or spreads is deeply personal and any spreads are only attempts of a beginner designer 🙂

I developed this spread from my “Tarot Spreads” book by Barbara Moore “Create a meditation spread”, and changed up some positions and added a card.

First you will need to separate your deck into  Majors, Court and Minors.


1 (Main Theme of Ritual) Major Arcana

2 (Approach that should be taken) Court Card 

3 (Crux of ritual) Minor Arcana

4 (Working e.g spellwork, meditation etc) Minor Arcana

5 (Real world effects i.e what will happen in my every day life) Minor Arcana

6 (Spiritual effects i.e what spiritual changes, effects, transformations will this ritual have) Major Arcana

Here is one of my readings which accurately reflected the ritual I had planned and done:



1. Main Theme: The World

This was quite interesting as I had recently just completed one of the Exercises in Ivo Dominguez “Casting Sacred Space”, which required me to right out three myths, the first one being the creation of the manifest universe. In this myth I wrote about a Dancer, who danced to the rhythm of chaos and in doing so created the universe. Of course when one is creating sacred space, one is in fact creating a microcosm of the universe, in order for magic to be “manifested”. I saw this as a way to integrate this myth into my ritual.

2. Approach: Knight of Cups

Water of Fire, the knight of emotions and compassion, intuition, and according to one of my books a dancer in their own right. I felt that my approach should be from a place of intuition and perfect love and perfect trust, where I should  allow myself to become totally enveloped in the spirit of the ritual.

3. Crux of ritual: 2 Swords 

In Tarot Spreads, Moore states that the cards for the creating a meditation spread need not be traditionally interpreted, and so I looked at this card’s image and went from there. i.e I used two of my swords and blindfolded myself. This was a very potent and physical way in which for me to feel balance, to feel at peace, to work through my conflicting thoughts and reach a still point.

4.  Working: 6 Cups

I again looked at this cards image. The young man is giving a gift to the young woman. This to me signified an offering ritual where I would give offerings to Anubis and Hekate, I offered roses. It is about friendship, developing a relationship and showing love through a small and simple act.

5.Real world effects: 4 swords

The 4 of swords generally signifies a period of rest, which in spirituality could signify a time of contemplation. This card reminded me of the types of acts of endurance people do in order to gain enlightenment. So on a mundane and physical level, this ritual would help me to find a balance, to contemplate my situation before I push onward in my daily tasks. Relating to card three, I feel that my still point was reached and the crux of the ritual indeed helped me to gain that clarity in the mundane.

6. Spiritual effects: The Magician

The Magician of course, is a card that signifies spiritual mastery of some kind. During this ritual I had one of the most amazing experiences with Serpent energy and the awakening of the Kundalini while drumming. It was amazing, and for the entire night afterward I kept feeling snakes writhing around my limbs, it was absolutely extraordinary. I feel it was from that moment on, that a switch had flipped, allowing me to surrender to ritual experience later on (my ritual with Het-heret).

I’ve used this spread a few times now, with wonderful results, and have felt it has definitely helped to clarify my ritual intent, and design and allowed me to see whether or not a particular ritual would be appropriate or not.

I would love to know your thoughts on the spread, so please let me know in the comments!



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