Mercury retrograde plays like a jerk!

Sorry everyone for my lack of blogging this last week. I was meant to post blog awards but then my lap top crashed and decided to completely bug out. Currently I’m sitting with nothing from the last five years, while this new computer struggles to read all my back up discs. I’m infuriated, annoyed and a little heart-broken.

I’ve had a rough week with my dog being taken to the vet, and now we are waiting on the results of her tests. The vet bill was excruciating. I also had to put new tyres on my car and we all know how painfully expensive that can be. Now I’ve had to buy a new laptop and I’m feeling a little sore, sick and burned. Things happen all at once so that you can feel the full extent of insanity.

Mercury goes direct tomorrow so hopefully my laptop woes will cease along with my awful cellphone reception which has led to disconnected Facebook chats and arguments over who sent what to who and all that jazz.

While I sit here, wailing along to Queen and drinking my second glass of Cape Velvet, bawling my eyes out over this extremely frustrating time, I’m hoping everyone has had a fantastic week, or at least less frustrations with Mercury and “The Swords” than I’ve had!



4 thoughts on “Mercury retrograde plays like a jerk!

  1. Sorry about your computer problems, but at least you backed everything up, which is twisting Mercury in a positive way to counteract the retrograde. I am not much into astrology but some friends swear by this Mercury retrograde phenomenon. Happiness is a pc which is backed up, disk cleaned once a week, defragged once a month, and well protected from viruses and malware. The internet is Mercury like a hydra with many heads, lol.

    • I’ve never believed in Mercury Retrograde until it hit retrograde on the 6th and stuff started screwing out. I’ve never in my life struggled to get through to people through email, cellphone and internet working as much as i have in the last three weeks.
      Not to mention one of my friends had a blue screen of death experience not too long before mine. I guess it effects everyone differently, and may not even effect some people at all if Mercury thinks it can get a better rise out of someone else.

      My pc was happy for a long, long time, but decided to screw out when I needed to learn the lesson the most. 🙂 lol techno witching is not for the faint of heart.

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