Hekate’s mirror- a Poem

because I’m not really numb
I need to feel it
because I’m not dead.
This is a test.
The broken glass pierces into my left foot,
because I can still feel it,
because even a piece of mirror in my foot is still a mirror
A mirror that I have to look into,
especially because it is shattered

Because now the image reflects me
in many facets, and I’m seeing myself as if for the first time
It is horrifying
Poem copyright 2012 of Nightshade author of The Purple Broom

3 thoughts on “Hekate’s mirror- a Poem

  1. Truth can be horrifying but it is up to us to come to terms with it. It pains and makes us writhe, but we learn from it and become stronger, more whole.
    Blessings and light for you, my sweet sister of the night )0(

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