New Year- Reflection Time: 12 month challenge!

It is 2013 wow, a year has passed in the blink of an eye, and what a year 2012 was with all of its ups and downs!

I failed to complete last years 12 month challenge, mostly because every time I thought of blogging my head became a foggy mess, and every thing I wrote turned into  mush. Without further ado here is my first contribution to Maggie’s 12 Month Challenge 2013

What have I learned over the last year?

Old habits die hard but with a little willpower, some magic and some help from the gods things can change. I started living a much more active lifestyle and I’m happier for it, my body has become stronger and through exercise even on the hard days, I am able to muster up even more energy and to be a little happier! I no longer have strong coffee cravings, and only have coffee about once every two weeks, which is amazing for a person who used to drink 7 cups a day! This was a long and slow change and continues to be, it is only one step in the direction I wish to go, I decided after my move, that all parts of me had to be whole, and that making outer changes would bring inner change and vice-versa.

Old friendships may not withstand the test of time. Despite the fact that we all say we are going to stay in contact, we don’t. We fail to meet up, make plans and even though we may cherish each other, our lives get filled up with other things. Sometimes the friendship will remain strong, sometimes it won’t, you have to let go. Sometimes old friendships are rekindled and it is awesome, it is always wonderful to have someone around who knew you when you were still wearing braces and your mother’s old neon pink pants!

My passion for art was fired up again in the move, and my devotional practice took on new and exciting forms.

Life and Death are always there. I have lost so many of my pets, most recently my Willow who was put down on the 27th due to chronic illness which affected her kidneys. It has been hard, and tearful. Letting go and saying goodbye never gets any easier no matter how close I am to my Deathly gods, but it is the cycle of life and all of my pain, my hurt and emptiness I offer up to them, so that it may be transformed into healing and loving energy.

Relationships may go through really rough patches, honesty and communication are key. Forgiveness and Compassion are always important, and never forget to show your love, even when you are angry. All of these things make the really good times into amazing times! When someone has seen you at your absolute worst, drunk and suicidal with rage and poor hygiene and still love you and hold you until you come back to sanity, they are truly special!

Living alone can be hard and lonely but it is wonderful knowing that you have your own private space, to just let loose and be completely yourself with no compromise. This may seem selfish, but we all go through this when we move out of our parents’ home and it is an important process to help establish your selfhood.

Things will happen at their own pace, especially if an important lesson needs to be learned, be patient and continue working on what you feel is important.

Fill as many moments as you can with joy, happiness and love because it is these moments that will carry you through on those days where nothing seems to work in your favour.

On top of all of this I have learned to be proud of my accomplishments, and forgive my failures. I have learned that sometimes you need to put down the book and actually do that ritual even when you’re feeling like you don’t want to (this applies to all things like work, study and exercise). I’ve learned it is important to have a glass of wine and dance around in my birthday suit, not only for my mental wellbeing but my spiritual one as well. I’ve heard the call of new gods, and I’ve taken steps to cultivate those relationships. I’ve “Surrendered” in ritual and have become stronger for it. I have learned that I am an infinitely complex individual constantly striving to improve myself to be the best version of myself that I can be!


One thought on “New Year- Reflection Time: 12 month challenge!

  1. Good for you dear for your positive looking attitude and trying to detach from the parts of this past year which hurt. My technique for continuing on is like the cowboy with the lasso. I look at some future date, like the next Sabat of Candlemass, and throw my lasso on to that date, and then keep pulling myself towards that date. And then the next on and on. And every day we wake up and see that beautiful sun or hanging clouds or chirping bird make life worth living for sure! Blessings.

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