My 2013 Pagan and Occult Reading List

I failed to meet my goal for last year’s challenge due to moving, stress and the lack of desire to read, I will be posting a list of books I am planning to read or complete reading this year. I will likely add to it, as I am planning on ordering some books online but for now here is my list.

The Pagan Book of Living and Dying– Starhawk

Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess– Stephanie Woodfield

Invoking the Egyptian Gods– Judith Page, Ken Biles

The Way of Egyptian Wisdom– Naomi Ozaniec

The Egyptian Book of Living and Dying– Joann Fletcher

Llewellyn’s 2013 Magical Almanac

Reclaim the Power of the Witch– Monte Plaisance

The Woman Magician– Brandy Williams

A Witch’s Travel guide to the Astral Realms– DJ Conway

The Witches’ God- Janet and Stewart Farrar

Women who run with Wolves– Clarissa Pinkola Este`s

Seasons of Witchery– Ellen Dugan

Coven Craft– Amber K

In the Shadow of 13 moons– Kimberly Sherman Cook

Casting Sacred Space– Ivo Dominguez

Around Tarot in 78 Days– Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin

Tarot and Astrology– Corinne Kenner

The Living Temple of Witchcraft Vol 1– Christopher Penczak

Dancing for Hathor: Women in Ancient Egypt– Carolyn Graves

Enchantments of the Heart- Dorothy Morrison

Maat Magick– Nema

A Young Man’s Guide to Wicca– Christopher Penczak

Some of these books are from last years challenge. Some books I would have liked to complete I no longer can as my back-up disc with my ebooks no longer works.



4 thoughts on “My 2013 Pagan and Occult Reading List

  1. Wow that looks like quite the challenge, lol. “The Woman’s Magician” and “Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess” look very good. And anything by Amber K (i think that is an expansion of her original book on how to start a coven) and Chris Penczak and of course the Farrars are always good books. I hope you can get a back up disk for your ebooks fixed or a new one. Blessings.

    • I absolutely love Penczak, so anything I find of his I’m quite excited to read! I’m looking forward to reading all of these books now I just need the focus to stick to the task at hand lol.

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