Devotion, Love and Painting.


The photograph above is from my most recent ritual for Het-Heret, which I did on the New moon last Friday. The ritual was focused on sexuality and beauty. Most of you know that I struggle with my own sense of womanhood, and that I’ve been working with Het-Heret in that regard. In many ways I have devoted myself to Her, and continue to do so with every ritual, with every act of love, dance and gesture of joy and sensuality.

During the Pagan festivities at Midsummer I acquired a Rose quartz pendant in the shape of a heart which I offered up to her. This sealed a relationship with her which I have been developing for the last year.

I believe she offers a beautiful balance to my Craft of the Three Ways as she embodies love which has always been an incredibly important aspect of my craft. Love in fact is the starting point of all of my magic, it is the driving force, and the thread that binds it all.

Het-Heret is Transformation, as much as Anubis and Hekate are, as she transforms sorrow into joy; the touch of love changes everything. Beauty can be found in the most dark and scary places. The very acts of dance and sex are magic.

Het-Heret also played an important role in the funereal rites of Ancient Egypt, welcoming the deceased and providing solace, comfort, food and drink, as such her role in my own death rites is very important.

During my ritual I felt Her presence, the deep comfort and joy that it gave me was incredibly beautiful and I am ever grateful to Her and Her lessons for me.

The very creative force that she embodies, as a fertility and sexuality goddess brings me to the next part of this  rambling.

My craft has certainly acquired a rhythm, albeit a slightly scattered one. I have not made any major leaps or changes to my path, and I am still “surrendering” as it were during ritual, or at least trying with varying degrees of success.

I am still working on my Fools Journey Project and I’m very close to completing The High Priestess. The painting process is very much a ritualised one. I prepare the space, gather the tools and make sure that I am in the right frame of mind. As I was telling my friend, I am not on Earth during the time in which I paint. I am in an in-between space, much like being in circle. It is just me and the painting, the process of painting is the ritual, the act of painting is an act of deep meditation and communion, the act of completion is the climax, the release, the energy pushed through the cone (or canvas) and out into the world.

Painting is obviously a deeply spiritual practice for me and in many ways it is a sacrifice and an act of devotion.When I am painting I am completely surrendering to the process and therefore I am also honouring Anpu’s request to “surrender”.

With every painting or work of art that I completely devote myself to, I am offering parts of myself to the gods, spirits and the universe; the painting or work contains a piece of me, indeed literally my spit and tears. That is why it is often hard for me to display my work to be critiqued by others, as for me the work is more than just about technique and skill, it is indeed my very soul which is being laid bare. It is the reason why giving away or selling my art is like ripping off my arm and why I only give my art as gifts to people I care about.

My path is still developing, just like my artistic skills, and mastery is a long way off,  a few lifetimes away, but the process itself is truly beautiful. It may be hard at times, pain is inevitable as sacrifice is never easy, but it is filled with beauty, joy, love and always my devotion to the spirit of it all.


This blog content including article and photograph is Copyright © 2013 of Nightshade author of The Purple Broom 


2 thoughts on “Devotion, Love and Painting.

    • That would be rather interesting, I have always had a large fascination for Egypt even as a child, and the Egyptian pantheon is the one I work with the most. Most of the time though I choose to not speculate on my past lives, as the life I am living now is more important to my current state of soul, body and mind. I do, however, occasionally like to think I was some type of Egyptian scribe, or sailor or victorian madwoman 😉

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