Anubis and His New Staff

Anubis has been bugging me for a while about skulls and fixing His staff. For the longest time I had no clue what to do, because the original tip fell off while moving shortly after I got the statue and after re-attaching it for the umpteenth time it ended up looking a bit gnarly and cheap. So for a long time I just left it without a tip, and it looked Ok to me.  To Anubis, however,  it looked like I’d been a little neglectful, so He kept bugging me until I saw His staff in the same way in which He did, a pole with no focus, a stick with no oomph, a glorified gold line, that even though He could still smack me on the head with it, would be less effective than His bone crushing teeth.

He is a patient god, but He is a persistent one, and the constant request for skulls led me to look through my old jewellery, and I found an old pendant I used to wear a lot in High School, a Pentacle tipped with a skull, this was one of my most badass witchy pendants and I took much joy in pairing it with my Metallica t-shirt and chained belt.

Anubis is a badass God, and not only is He a fan of  metal and rock’ roll, He really did want a skull. So I decided that I would give him this pendant as it suits Him better than it ever did me. He seems quite chuffed with it, so I thought I’d show you all what I’m talking about…

Pentacle pendant newly attached to staff

Pentacle pendant newly attached to staff

Of course the symbolism of the skull and pentagram are not lost on me. Anubis is Death (as attested to by the depiction of Him in the Egyptian Tarot by Lo Scarabeo). He is transformation in its many forms, devouring flesh and crushing bones with His teeth, and embalming the flesh so that resurrection can occur in the afterlife. He is Lord of the Burial mound, Lord of the Tomb and Guide of the Dead.

The Pentacle is a symbol which has been used in many different contexts, but to Wiccans it is a symbol of the 5 elements in perfect balance. It is a symbol of protection, power, magic, and the universe. The pentacle has always been one of my favourite symbols and even though I very rarely wear a pentacle around my neck, I still wear one in the form of a ring on my left hand.

The staff that Anubis now carries is one which hold the secrets of Death and the Universe, it is a guiding tool, it carries a weight, a power, authority and dare I say a little dark humour in it’s very ” Heavy Metalness”. I feel it’s very fitting that Anpu carries both the symbol of life everlasting in the form of the Ankh, and a symbol of the Mysteries of Death and the Universe as well.



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