My Shrines and Altars!

A few weeks into the new year and I have decided to change my shrines for Hekate and the Egyptian gods. This was a very hard thing for me to do.

The original shrines were placed on top of speakers which I inherited from my dad. These speakers have been with me since I was a child, they went through many parties, moves and uses (including being used as plant stands), needless to say they held great sentimental value to me.

My little cottage is rather tight on space, it is not too small that I cannot breathe, but it is humble. The speakers were not being used as my Amp no longer works and they were just taking up unnecessary space, so I have “loaned” them to my boyfriend. I bought myself two little rack stands from a second-hand shop and now they stand in the places where my speakers used to be.

Last night I spent a few hours deciding what books to move from my overloaded esoteric/occult book rack, to the shrines. This was a nice way to spend the evening before my ritual to Nut (which I may talk about in the another blog post). I liked looking through my titles again and deciding yet again to just put together any of the books that fit in that space in a kind of ordered chaos.

People may think that with so many books I’d actually have a system in place but my mind tends to work better in ordered chaos than complete order. I do have some semblance of order when it comes to the big categories, as fiction is on one shelf, art/history and non fiction on another, occult on another, cook books in the kitchen, and gardening books next to my working desk.

Anyway enough of my incessant rambling, here are my shrines.



The Hekate shrine stands in the “doorway” between the hall and my entertainment/reading/altar room.

egyptian-shrineThis is in the hallway next to my art/history/other non fiction book rack.

When I’m not holding a ritual for Hathor, I have my permanent Hathor shrine as well:



I’d put a picture of my ancestral altar but it hasn’t changed since Dia de los meurtos.

Here is my current Altar setup:



I have kept it rather simple. I tend to have lots of stuff cluttering it up, which makes setting up an altar for a particular ritual a bit of a schlep.

It seems that I have completely replaced my candle of life and death which I used to use on the altar a while back with these two bird candle holders. These birds have quite a special significance for me, as not only do they represent the Ba, but they also represent the life force and connection between the living and dead. This life force and connection is all the more apparent in my working with Baba Yaga and Hekate and reminds me of a few very personal experiences I’ve had with Hekate during meditation.

As always Hekate and Anubis stand at the Head of my Altar, with their respective candles. These candles are awesome, I found them at a home-ware store for a nice price, they are jasmine scented and solid black eeeep!

I liked the way that my Hathor altar looked with the shiny damask swirly pattern underneath the cloth so I decided to keep it for now, as it gives my altar an elegant ambiance.

The fan seems to have become a permanent fixture on my altar as well. On the surface it is a representation of the air element, but for me fans have always held a special place in my heart since I was a child, they indeed have become a personal power item.

As my altar is across from my little reading corner I like to sit near it with the candles burning while I read. I have found it hard to tear myself away from the altar during meditations and even as I type I am sitting by my altar with the incense and candles burning.

Altars and shrines have always been an important part of my practice, they provide focus and solace; a still point in the hustle and bustle of daily life where I can just light a candle or incense or say a small prayer.



4 thoughts on “My Shrines and Altars!

  1. Beautiful altars dear. What I did at my place was put up shelves all around the extra bedroom so I still have access to all the floor space, but I like the altars with the bookcases underneath. Altars set up and recharged with devotion act like big batteries as energy sources that send out the matrix of their respective deities.

    • I would love to put up shelves all over the place, but my landlord would not approve of it. One has to adapt to ones environment lol. In my previous home I always lacked the space and resources to have altars and shrines everywhere as I was living with three other people, but as this is “my own” home I have been able to erect altars everywhere. I should have realised the amount of maintenance that went into them before I got my wish lol.

      • If you pray hard enough the deity statues will hover in the air just down from the ceiling and then you don’t need altars. (just kidding). When you don’t have space, build up. My deity altars just need a candle n incense lit at certain auspicious days and they pump out energy just fine. Try evoking their egregores into the statues.

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