Oh hell I need to get hold of this for Anpu!

The Brewski Boxscore (Old)


Stumbled upon this one at a nice price, and it hit one of the magic terms- coffee.  This is only the second beer from Idaho to make it to our humble blog, and the first from Laughing Dog.  They are located in Ponderay, in the upper northwest corner of the state, and not too far away from Spokane Washington.  I believe this is the latest addition to their lineup, an imperial porter with cold pressed Sumatran coffee added from local roasters Evans Brothers Coffee Company.  I have actually seen a lot of their beer around the stores I shop, and have had one of them in the past- the Sneaky Pete Imperial IPA.  I saved that bottle because it has a Boston Terrier on the label who looks a bit like our pup Maggie.  Would like to get back to reviewing that one someday…

Anyway, the brewery is owned by…

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