Quick Link! Naked if I want to: Lena Dunham’s Body Politic.

Quick Link! Naked if I want to: Lena Dunham’s Body Politic.

I feel this relates well to my own discussions on body/fat shaming.

I crave to see bodies like my own and my friends being presented, because the invisibility of bodies which are marginal in any way (trans, gay, lesbian, fat, medium, non white, etc) is a violent form of erasure.


2 thoughts on “Quick Link! Naked if I want to: Lena Dunham’s Body Politic.

  1. There is no “perfect” body like you see in commercials. And it is men who manipulate these images to what they think they want to see. Hell here in the US I have heard of parents paying for their 16 year old daughter to get breast implants so they can “be more popular” and “have a better self image”. (Gods I hate silicone). And all that does is make a girl feel like she is not adequate and needs to meet some standard in commercialization on tv or in magazines. It is all about sensuality with what you have, and regarding “beauty” look at paintings of woman and even men in past ages to see how the natural has now become unnatural. I hate commercials where like in a car the man is Always driving with the woman in the passenger seat an the two perfect kids in the back, and god forbid it is a man of color with a Caucasian woman as that would be too controversial, as opposed to the reality of couples in our demographics.

    • I’ve posted before on the menaces of media and how blind we’ve all become to actual physical bodies, it is a disturbing trend, but hopefully with the rise of less photoshopped bodies and more people of all types being presented, it will be on the decline. There is so much damage caused by eliminating bodies that do not fit into the white, thin, big breasted ideal.

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