Tears- a Sacrifice to Anpu and Hekate.



From Unsplashed

“Tears carry creative power in mythos, the giving of tears causes immense creation and heartfelt reunion. In herbal folklore, tears are used as a binder, to secure elements, unite ideas, join souls. In fairy tales when tears are thrown, they frighten away robbers or cause rivers to flood. When sprinkled, they call spirits. When poured onto the body, they heal lacerations and restore sight. When touched they cause conception.”

Women Who Run With The Wolves– Clarissa Pinkola Estes, p152

In the early hours of the morning the tears wash over me in heaps and waves, croaking and choking…

“My cleansing tears

Bring Joy and peace.”

-Mantra for Mary Magdalene Goddess Aloud!- Michelle Skye, p112

In the moments of release, after making love, the emotions fall over me like a lover, tenderly stroking me from the inside out…

“We walk though the vale of tears to experience soul making”

– Vodou Visions- Sally Ann Glassman, p101

In every teary moment, I sacrifice each tear to You; To the full extent it is joy, ecstasy, pain and grief; it is release and liberation. I am recreated in every tear; I am reborn and kissed by the Goddess of moisture, for She sits in my eye, waiting to let go and dance upon the crevices and mounds of my face.

My eye is a cup, a cup that holds each emotion tenderly until it is ready to be poured upon the sacred Earth. Each tear is a wet kiss upon Your lips and dissolves me to the power of You, in love and passion, devotion and sacrifice.

Each Tear is a petal of a rose, floating on the surface of your beauty, a candle flame dancing its shadows on the walls.

Each tear is Death and Rebirth, dripping down like rain on a moonless night.

Tears of anger, rage, sadness, happiness and beauty fall into the softness of your touch, I collapse into the heap of black fur and shroud myself in your Canine scent.

Hail Anpu and Hekate Lord and Lady of Death, Compassion and Liberation!


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