Tarot Tuesdays- Read It As a Story

Last week during my morning devotions I did a tarot reading with my Shadowscapes deck, and while I was pondering the meaning of the cards Hekate said, “Read it as a story”….

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stehanie Pui-Mun Law (Click image for a larger view.)

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stehanie Pui-Mun Law (Click image for a larger view.)

Of course it made sense, and I’ve used this technique before, but I also decided to add a soundtrack to this story and played some music. I rearranged the cards while I was reading them and absent-mindedly listened to the music. Stories of course are not always linear, but I did keep a linear format even if it was somewhat like a stair step.

Read it as a story 2

The Fool is about to take a leap of faith, she is about to embark on a journey, she is excited and completely unaware of what is going on around her. I distinctly heard in my head “She’s gonna fall”. And fall she does…

While she is on this journey she and her companion are looking at a map, they wish to go from “Here” to “There”. It is a treacherous journey, there are distractions on the way and while they make this long and arduous journey The Fool thinks to herself…

“Why can’t I find some secret passage?”- Wendy Rule

Unfortunately for her there is no secret passage, the secret is to fall.

She falls into this thorny chasm, it hurts, she is broken, she is trapped and she is completely unable to see a way out of her situation. But her companion is there…

“Never alone”- Wendy Rule

Her companion is guiding her along the way, telling her that everything will be ok, she is having a crisis of faith:

“I know how hard it can be to keep believing in me (myself)“- Emilie Autumn, Opheliac

Her companion, however, tries to comfort her, and tells her this…

“Doubt thou the stars are fire

Doubt thou the sun doth move

Doubt truth to be a liar

But never doubt…”- Emilie Autumn quoting Shakespeare in Opheliac

She still struggles with herself, but she is loosening the thorny brush from herself, she see’s a way out. Her companion guides her, and she finds a way out of this obstacle course of thorns and swords.

“Dark wings will guide me”- Wendy Rule

While her companion carries her over this thorny chasm her companion tells her…

“In the end you will see” -Emilie Autumn

Her companion carries her away to a safe place, a watery world of emotional bliss and spiritual union with the Divine. This is the holy grail, it is the inner peace and beauty of spiritual union.

“I give freedom and I give peace”- I hear you calling  by Chalice and Blade

“In rapture be embraced”- I hear you calling by Chalice and Blade

This story was a very important one to be told, as it is my own. Hekate and Anubis are my “Dark Winged” companions, as of course is my boyfriend. The chasm that I was falling into was depression, anguish, negativity, a mental trap and spiritual block of my own making. Through communion with my gods and a silencing of the doubt in myself I am able to overcome this self-imposed trap and move on to find spiritual and mental peace and rapture.

Of course this is a daily process of overcoming, some days are good, some days are bad, but I’m always being guided and I’m never alone, and as long as I keep that in mind I am able to bring myself out of the thorny chasms that arise on this journey.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesdays- Read It As a Story

  1. The tarot is definitely snapshots of a play in motion. I rarely throw one and use Crowley’s Thoth deck and no reversed cards as they are complex enough. I do not use the normal pattern throws, but more of a chakra throw of spirit, mind, heart and body vertically, and sometimes a square at earth for the present situation. If comparing myself in a relationship i will throw my chakra tree, then theirs, then cards in between to see what is between us head to head or heart to heart etc. I also sometimes throw a Y shaped throw if two paths are before me to see which one to follow. Blessings.

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