The Turning of the Wheel- Autumn

The Wheel is turning and Autumn is coming… There is an energetic shift, my body felt it. While it is not yet the equinox, I can feel the rhythms changing and turning.

I’m an Autumn child, and have always loved the Autumn season with the crunchy leaves underfoot, the changing colours of Nature, and the very tangible magic in the air. I celebrate Mabon and Samhain, and find the darkening year to carry with it both a beauty and a sadness that can be addictive.

It is the season of pumpkin soup and apple pie, cinnamon pancakes and spiced tea, cuddles with movies and reaping rewards from the past. It is nostalgia, it brings back memories of Equinoxes past and sitting under golden brown canopies while reading. It brings back memories of rituals done during the waning year, to bring harmony, happiness and fruitfulness and of course it brings back that sad feeling that Winter will soon follow with its dark, cold, lonely nights.

There is more to the sadness, however, than just Winter coming. Autumn is a season of change, an inward-turning change, and it carries with it, both pleasure and pain, feast, song and loss.

So I look to the falling leaves and feel that twinge of melancholy accompanied with wonder at the beauty of it all.


3 thoughts on “The Turning of the Wheel- Autumn

  1. Yes I love autumn and spring the best, but up here in the mid northern hemisphere we are just Dying for any hint of spring. At least the days are getting longer for us. My crocuses are up and the purple flowers still tightly closed just waiting for some more sun and warmth. It has not been a snowy winter, which is bad for the farmers as they need the water, but it has been a cold one, and it keeps staying below 40*F. But i do love the cycle of the seasons, something to look forward to in anticipation. I could not live in a flat humid place where the weather seldom changes like Florida. Blessings.

    • Thank you for the link 🙂
      I’ve always found it so wonderful that the seasons cycle in the way that they do, that while we are scorched by heat, others have their “nose froze”, that even in some places the seasons seem to be less noticeable. It helps us remember that there is always another side to the story, that in the dark there is light, in the light there is dark. The Earth and Sun have so many lessons for us, if only we open up and listen…

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