Tarot and Astrology- Book Review


I was delighted to read Tarot and Astrology by Corinne Kenner. As the title suggests this book combines both Tarot and Astrology so that one can get a deeper understanding of both. I’ve often looked at my Crows Magick tarot and seen the little astrological glyphs with a little confusion, never understanding the full significance of them.

I have always loved astrology but have never been able to understand certain things like houses and some of the ruling planets, this book has definitely helped me to understand them better. Earthdragon has also read the book and agrees that Corinne Kenner explains things in a concise manner that makes the material easy to understand.

In Part One of the book Kenner talks about the Tarot Planets and Signs- this section deals with the Major Arcana cards and the Astrological Planetary Rulers and the Signs that are associated with each of the cards. This was quite an interesting read as I had known  some of the associations already, but had never really put them into practice, for instance, Libra “The Scales” is personified in Justice, and Mercury The planet of communication and the mind is depicted as The Magician, Master of his own universe.

Part Two deals with the Minor Arcana, their elemental associations, a little bit of Kabbalah and the astrological associations of the minor arcana which helped me to understand the Golden Dawn names of the cards a little better as well, for instance the 9 of Wands: Moon in Sagittarius named the “Lord of Great Strength”. Part Two also explains the Court Cards and how they fit around the astrological wheel.

Part Three talks about Astrology in-depth and the houses of the horoscope as well as how to read the Astrological chart with Tarot Cards.

Throughout the book Kenner gives sample tarot readings, and has concise explanations of astrological terminology like retrogrades,returns and the void of course moon.

One of the readings she shares is a simple Astrological Personality spread, in which you take out the cards that are associated with your Sun sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign.

Here is mine, I will give brief interpretations of how I see the cards reflecting my personality, which could be expanded on more at a later date:

Sun- Taurus- The Hierophant

Moon- Scorpio- Death

Rising Sign- Virgo- The Hermit

Robin Wood Tarot

Robin Wood Tarot

“In ancient Greece, the hierophants were priests who guided their followers through the sacred rites of the Eleusinian Mysteries- A mythic scenario of death and rebirth- by enacting the story of Persephone.” p 45

Often when one draws the Hierophant in a personality reading, it is an indication that the querent is religious and/or traditional, they may be an educator or advisor of some kind, and may even be a spiritual leader. In many astrological texts I have also noted that the astrologer often will state that Taureans have a proclivity to religiousness and uphold traditional values.

In my case I’m not sure how many of my values are “traditional”, being the Goth, Hippy, vegetarian, LGBTQI supporting, slutwalking feminist, that I am, but I would certainly describe myself as religious. Many pagans shy away from the terms “religion” and “religious”, often associating it with the religion they came from before which is often Christianity. But I am a religious person. My Craft is largely devotional. I worship Gods, I honour Spirits and I work with Both. It is my life, especially lately. The Gods have been very busy, and I take my work as Priestess very seriously.

The Moon is the ruler of emotions, and those things which are hidden beneath the surface. It becomes all the more mysterious when the Moon is ruled by Scorpio, Lord of Death and Sex. The Death Card has been spoken about many times on my blog, it is practically the poster “card” of my System, signifying my devotion to  Anpu and Hekate, as well as being one of the main paths of my system, “Transformation”.

Scorpio is all about the “occult”, the hidden and often those with the Sun or Moon in Scorpio are drawn to the Occult and some of the darker mysteries of life. One of my good friends exemplifies Scorpio, with his dark writing and his interest in tarot.

I am a witch, and have always had an obsession with the occult, especially with the so-called darker aspects of the occult, like cursing, shadow work and sex magic. I practice ecstatic craft which recognizes the connection between sex and death and I am always working to delve deeper and deeper into the Mysteries of my System as they unfold.

The final card in this spread, The Hermit, depicts my Rising Sign in Virgo.  ” The Hermit card usually represents wisdom, prudence, and illumination, as well as philosophy, introspection and meditation. The card illustrates the concepts of solitude, silence, and leadership by example” p54

I have often described myself as a hermit as I am quite solitary in nature. I have few friends and the ones that I have I keep close to my heart. I am also solitary in my religious practices, my system is largely based on my own Gnosis and also in its initial stages. Like the Hermit, I am on a solitary journey forged by my will and the Gods, seeking enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

This book was incredibly insightful and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in knowing more about both Tarot and Astrology.

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