Samhain Blessings!

I must apologise for my absence of late, but it has been for a very good reason…

I have acquired a job as a casual worker and I have been super busy! I haven’t had much time to myself, and I haven’t really been able to get myself to write a blog due to an awful case of writers block.

But ’tis Samhain and it is time for those of us who walk on the wilder side, to dance with the dead and feast in celebration of the cycle of life.

I am working over the next two days so I won’t be able to have as big a feast and dance as I’d like but I will be feasting and dancing and working with my Ouija board.

The veil has thinned and the spirits of those who have left this physical plane can commune more easily with us. It is also Harvest time, a time to feast upon the fruits of the Earth. For me this is one of the most sacred festivals, as it is a “crossroads” of sorts in and of itself. Samhain is known as the Witches New Year after all, and it comes with its own sense of letting go and moving on.

I light each candle on my Ancestral altar, remembering those who I have lost, family, friends, pets, all those who have become guardians, guides, companions on the other side. This time is often said to be solemn, but for me it is a time to Dance.

And tonight I shall dance and feast, make love and be merry, the masks I wear every day will fall off, and I will be wild and free while the spirits dance alongside me, howling and thumping and singing as the wheel turns once more…


My Samhain altar

My Samhain altar




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