Samhain Blessings!

The veil has thinned and the spirits of those who have left this physical plane can commune more easily with us. It is also Harvest time, a time to feast upon the fruits of the Earth. For me this is one of the most sacred festivals, as it is a “crossroads” of sorts in and of itself. Samhain is known as the Witches New Year after all, and it comes with its own sense of letting go and moving on.
I light each candle on my Ancestral altar, remembering those who I have lost, family, friends, pets, all those who have become guardians, guides, companions on the other side. This time is often said to be solemn, but for me it is a time to Dance.

And tonight I shall dance and feast, make love and be merry, the masks I wear every day will fall off, and I will be wild and free while the spirits dance alongside me, howling and thumping and singing as the wheel turns once more…


My Samhain altar

My Samhain altar



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