It is the Season of Ravens

I am carving myself out of tears and faith.  


Black dogs are darting in and out of my pathway. It doesn’t matter that the pathway isn’t always in this realm, they are howling at the moon, calling me to dance with them, lose myself, surrender and let go…again.

There is a bottle of wine in the fridge, and it is tempting to down the whole thing, just so I do not have to think of tomorrow for a change. 

There are these thick, red tendrils slithering down my back; bloody ropes. They are winding themselves around my limbs, melding into my flesh, it is painful and beautiful, a sweet ecstasy of love and eternity. 


This is the season of Ravens, their screech piercing through the cold air. There is nothing to keep them from beating their wings and changing the rhythm of the universe, but they sit and they stare, and they croak and they cry; the universe beats on.  


7 thoughts on “It is the Season of Ravens

  1. I can feel your pain, remembering back to last November/December here in the northern hemisphere when Winter took over and all that was gloriously colored died to browns and greys. I too have SADD and all one can do is throw a rope into the future, looking forward to spring, and pull oneself bloody along the path and go with the flow. May the black crows, and Hekate and Anubis, walk with you.

  2. …I remember Hekate’s visit when I was heading into the change years ago …she would send the black dogs whose claws I would hear clattering on the wooden floor boards in my dreams …I love winter now and I love the fact that the change is done …don’t be sad for the changing season celebrate the fact that She can rest a while too …celebrate the harvest of fruits and root vegetables…burrow down in a warm blanket with a favourite book (and a glass of good red for comfort is okay too in my book) …be inspired by looking within rather than without for a little while until She renews again in spring… this is my thought for the season to share with you …travel safe Witch sister …
    Worlds within
    …worlds within worlds …lives within lives,
    …fly swift as a bird…be a fish as it dives,
    …smell the soil …burrow deep
    …hear the earth …does she sleep?
    …nestle in …worming down
    …be the bug in the ground,
    …be a cell in her skin…go within…go within…

    …blessings …Penny

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