Versatile Blogger Award!

I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Jessika from A Witch’s Healing. Thank you very much!


7 things about me:

1. I am currently working as a Casual Shop Assistant for a Shoe Store. One of the things I have learnt about myself as a Retail assistant, is that I enjoy making people happy. Seeing a smile on happy customer’s face is truly a wonderful thing. Of course sometimes when we have to sell! sell! SELL! we lose our integrity and that is very hard for this witch to reconcile with her values.

2. I have bought tickets to the Rihanna concert for mine and my boyfriend’s 8 year Anniversary! Wooohooo! At this concert I’m definitely gonna drink!

3. I am currently reading “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, what an awesome read! I am reading this slowly as I have so many obligations now, I barely have time to read before dozing off at night. This book has helped me to solidify my thoughts on a particular matter within neo-wicca and paganism.  I have often seen people comment about how the gods do not understand our modern ways, that we must do everything like they did back then, except of course for the truly heinous things, because the gods don’t change or grow. Now that may be the case if our gods were only archetypes, but they are not. The Gods are not some static “out-there” beyond us idea, but are complex beings that grow as we grow, change as we change.

The gods back in the day had regional variations, just as they do now, and today they have taken up different epithets and reflect us as we are now. The more globalised we become, the more global our gods become, this is why Steampunk Anubis and modern-day Hekate with her Dobermans and gothic cane are truly resonant with me. I worship my gods in a particular way, my morning devotions are not formal affairs, they are tea time chats with good friends. I have my formal ceremony, because don’t we all like a glitzy dinner party/ball once in a while? But the relationship is never static. I’ve changed in my 24 years on this Earth, my core remains the same but aspects of myself have grown, been discarded or changed, what makes people think our gods who are far older, bigger and more complex than us have not.

4. I have practically run screaming back into the broom closet. I have to keep my religious beliefs tightly under lock and bitten tongue at work, as I work with people who have proven to not understand a path like mine. In many ways this is not a negative thing. No one needs to know my spiritual path in order to validate it, for it to be worthy, important, beautiful and fulfilling. It is hard, however,  to not speak up about my spirituality when my colleagues refer to me and themselves as lost souls because we are not abstaining from various “hedonistic” behaviours that are verboten by their holy texts.

5. My personal Facebook account has become a space of ranty outbursts and pretty pictures. Of course all my keyboard activism doesn’t accomplish much when my profile is as private as a lady’s underwear draw. I have become scared to voice my opinion more publicly on my Purple Broom Facebook page and I feel so incredibly guilty and shitty about it. Maybe it is my current need to feel liked and in doing so I’m only being complacent. This of course will have to change. Perhaps I need a bit of dutch courage.

6. I have lost so much respect for the pagan community in the last few weeks particularly within South Africa, where adults who are meant to be Pagan Leaders and Role-models act like bratty adolescents on Facebook, and people corner each other, taking sides and dividing us up for their own personal agendas. The cock-swinging “My pagan community is bigger, better and more loyal than yours” thing is utterly ridiculous.  I also often wonder why I even bother calling myself pagan anymore, pagans cause the most damage to their own community. I am a Witch I am here to serve my gods, and the spirits. I have gone back to my secluded anti-social ways discussed before in a previous post about pagan community, as I realise how impossible it is for me to ever fit in anywhere, other than among the trees, animals, gods and spirits.

7.  Every day is a daily struggle against hating myself, my face, my body, my personality. I struggle against the propaganda that women are supposed to look like media images, that we’re supposed to have big bouncy gravity defying boobs and tiny toned tummies. I struggle against the idea that I’m supposed to be perky and happy all the time and enjoy the sexist statements and behaviour of friends, colleagues and random strangers. I struggle with myself because I now work in an industry that  relies on the low self-esteem of women and the pick-me-up that consumerism offers but which ultimately only succeeds to re-enforce.

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