When one door closes another opens…

The July full moon spurred on a number of changes within my life and Set, lord of chaos and change, is the ruler of this current period in my life. Like the tower, He signifies the breaking down of structures, the end of illusion, the force of change, chaos and transformation through the flames of the arid heat.

The turbulence created by Set’s presence in my life has certainly brought its fair share of heartache, tears and confusion. One cannot hide from Set and His energy. It is like trying to avoid a storm that is heading straight toward you. All you can do is buckle up and weather your way through it.

In school we had a song about a man who built his house on sand and his house blew away. There was a man who built his house on solid rock foundations and his house remained strong through all forces that threatened it. The tower is reminder that if your foundations are strong you will survive the lightning and that any weakness in the foundations will cause the tower to fall so that you can rebuild your structure with stronger foundations.

As I move on from this turbulent Setian energy into a more Isian nurturing period of inward looking and spiritual renewal I offer my gratitude to Hekate and Anpu who guide me through all these threshold moments and states. My path is ever unfolding and I only hope that I continue to follow it with heart and spirit as much as with mind.




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