The Witches’ Dance

It started in a dark forest… It was cold, a cold that seeped into the bones and beneath the skin, it spread itself through the very veins of the land, into the heart.

The cold and the dark were one.

The spirits howled through the wind-whipped trees, moaning and crying, wailing and baying. Their forms shifted like smoke.  They moved like dervishes dancing and twirling, swirling and whirling.

The spirits danced through the witches bodies, working their way through their fingers and toes, their bellies, their souls. As the witches danced ridden by spirits, the cold started to thaw.

With each drum beat beaten from the witches hearts upon the ground, the earth awoke. The witches howled and yelled the names of the spirits, the spirits of old, of darkness and cold, of beauty and death, of life and spring and hope.

The chant echoed through the forest, and trembled through the air stirring the hearts of people who could not understand the rising in their hearts.

The warmth rose up from the heart of the land, the witches, and reached through the spirit of every being. As the witches cavorted lost in the ecstasy of the dance, tears fell from their eyes, the tears spoke of grief and sadness, pain and suffering, of surrender and joy, life and love and the sweet breath of hope.

The dance would last until dawn… Upon the ground the witches had fallen, naked but warm, exhausted from their midnight ride.


All text Copyright 2013 of Nightshade author of The Purple Broom


6 thoughts on “The Witches’ Dance

  1. A very sensory lead up – I really like it! I would like to know what exactly they are chanting and ultimately to what end, whether it is truly just warmer weather or something else.

    • Aaaah but ’tis a secret and they’ll never tell…

      I like to leave it up to the imaginations of those reading it, the possibilities are endless, and of course Silverthreads has posted a lovely possibility. Thank you for sharing.

      There is definitely room for it to be more than just about the weather, Witches of course are mysterious being, and I like to preserve that mystery in my writing :P.

      Brightest Blessings!

  2. …ah …I see this as a release from winter’s grip even though there’s still cold weather to come … perhaps the invocation might be…
    …stir up the storm sprites
    …dance on the wind
    …follow the music to where magick begins
    …always remember, ‘with harm to none,’
    …then follow your dreams ’til they simply, ‘become’…

    …blessings …Penny

    …verse copyright Penny Reilly 2012

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