Anubis- Lord of Adjustment

Today I visited Xorne’s lakeside grave and left for him a single white chrysanthemum, the flower of bereavement. As we walked away, we fed the ducks and the geese loaves of bread.

Life within death,  death within life…

And then a sudden urge to create…

Anubis Chest


I sit before His altar now, feeling the intensity of His presence . He fills me up.

Like thunder, He bellows from within my loins and there is a deep inner stillness that sweeps over me as form and formlessness merge within The Shrine.


It has been a great period of adjustment getting used to a new job, meeting new friends, letting go of old places and the bitterness of yesterdays past.  Anubis tends to these times of adjustment for He is Lord of Transformation and Transition.

I draw a card as I sit, the Four of Wands, a card of structure. After the turbulence of The Tower the four wands that create the structure is a welcome relief. Within the structure, is a dancing couple, a union of opposites, an alchemical dance of co-operation, teamwork, elements that combine well.

There is much work yet to do with my Lord Anpu by my side, this chest is but a small step into the tomb of un/becoming. Symbolically this chest holds all of my hopes and dreams, my sorrows and joys, my shadows and my secrets. It is the devouring sarcophagus, upon which Anpu sits, and indeed Is.

It is time again to step into the darkened chamber that is His hand, and face the Shadows as the light within my heart is lit with flame.


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