Springtime scarabs for health, wealth and happiness!

As spring has coming a-knockin’ I decided to get a little crafty and make something out of one of my books “The Mysteries of Isis”- Scarab beetles.


1/2 cup a salt

3/4 cup hot water

2 cups brown bread flour

1 tbsp canola oil



frankincense oil

Myrrh oil

geranium oil

Vanilla oil

Rosemary oil

Lavender oil

Dissolve the salt with the hot water and add in the flour with the canola oil, add in a few sprigs of lavender leaves and/or flowers as well as a little dried lavender. Add the oils, I used one drop of each.

Knead the dough until it is thoroughly mixed. This is not edible so please don’t be tempted to eat the dough *blegh*!

Once the dough is workable start making the scarab shapes, I made 7 medium-sized ones and plenty of little hearts to go into a jar.

Scarabs unbaked

The scarab shapes are oval. Inside the scarab shape you can make a T to divide between the head and the wings. you can make them more detailed than I did, but this was my first attempt and I’m not much of a sculptress, so I left mine pretty plain and added little decorations by their heads… a Chinese Feng-Shui coin, a Yin/Yang, a flower, a Key, a heart, a butterfly and some gold jingly thingy which I was going to use in my sewing projects.



Preheat oven to 300F and bake for 1 hour or until they are hard. When they are hard and cooled down then you can paint them. I decided on a turquoise colour sacred to my Lady Hathor, and definitely one of my favourite spring time colours of joy, peace, wealth and health. Paint a coat or two of varnish and voila…


Scarabs complete

Brightest Blessings! )0(

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