The Fool and Risk

When you take a risk, like “The Fool”, and jump off the cliff; take a leap of faith, so to speak, you might end up just a little bit bruised, and heartbroken.  word “risk” says it all:

risk/risk/ n (instance of) the possibility of meeting danger or suffering harm, loss, etc

But that is what a leap of faith involves, it is taking a risk. “The Fool” wouldn’t be “The Fool”, if his steps into the unknown were tentative. He wouldn’t be the Hero if he did not falter, or fail along the way.

The Fools journey is a hard one. His path involves dealing with inner and outer demons, there are monsters, and devils on the path, sirens captivate him, lightning strikes him down and those that seem as friends deceive and betray him. But along this difficult path are wondrous treasures as well, and the Fool only needs to open his eyes to a new way in order to see the beauty of His unfolding path.

“The Fool” in this story is of course me.

I have just gone through a traumatic experience of losing my job, which has led me to question my faith in people. My heart was open and because I trusted so openly as the Fool does, the hurt became all the more paralysing. I have been in and out of tears for the last few days, in and out of states of agony, depression, grief and feelings of betrayal. I need to forgive, and I need to let go, and this will be the beginning of a whole new witchy project, designed to acknowledge this unfolding path, with all of its difficulties.

Of course I have to take responsibility for my own part in the decision to jump off the cliff, after all, I never had a gun held to my head, I made the decision despite the risk involved because my heart was pulling me in that direction, therefore, the path that I traveled was not a pixie-led one but my very own determined path. Sometimes, because we are only human after all, we make mistakes. For this I have to forgive myself.

A patchwork heart

A patchwork heart

Into this patchwork heart, I will sew every emotion, thought and experience. Each button, each stitch, each patch will carry my hopes, dreams, fears and worries. Every anxiety attack and every outburst of joy will be recorded with my hands stitching away at this heart and when it is “complete” it will be a “centerpiece” in my home reminding me of each obstacle I have overcome.


3 thoughts on “The Fool and Risk

  1. We have to walk the open minded open hearted path of the Fool, otherwise we will be frozen as the Hermit or even as Death. It is not easy for sure. Up here it is Samhain when we can put to death our past pains, but down there it is May Day the time for planting new seeds. I like the button heart alot. BB

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