Tasting From the Feet- The Sacral Temple

The Sacral Shrine

The Sacral Shrine

Around two weeks ago I left behind the Temple of the Root, and entered into the “Temple of the Belly” as Penczak calls it. This is the Sacral Temple, a temple of purification and relationships.

It is quite helpful to look at these “Temples” as physical spaces, much like temples that one might make a pilgrimage to. It is a journey that requires patience, forethought and much preparation. It is the “Fools Journey”, and requires leaps of faith, strength and conviction and courage to carry on even when things are not necessarily looking “up”.

Leaving behind the Temple of the Root, I have removed from my life much of the negativity that I kept in my mental space. Even though much of my “spring cleaning” began back in November, I have had to change patterns of thought and action in order to create a clear environment for spiritual growth. I had to dig deep and look at the bare bones of what I am and What I want to be.

In facing some of my darkest nights, indeed even going through a particularly difficult “Dark Night of the Soul”, I was able to plumb the depths of my despair and use it to create.   The Temple of the Root, brought me back to my Soul Self, it gave me the strength of my Ancestors, my Spirits, my Gods and my Much Beloved Living and it pushed me to re-awaken my Being.

Leaving the Temple behind was not “hard” as the lessons learnt from the Temple will always remain, as long as I keep them close to my heart, to my soul and to my bones.

Stepping into the Temple of the Belly was familiar territory. I had started to work with my Sacral Chakra back in August. I had noticed that a certain frigidity had taken place in this warm and sensual land, and I deemed it necessary to work for a whole week on the Chakra, opening it up, allowing myself to release the wild, creative and sensual woman inside of me and push myself to new heights. This was a very powerful experience but it was not easy as I had much shadow work to do, much of it dealing with my ability to give and receive affection particularly from fellow humans and especially my Beloved Living.

Sacral one


At the time I was facing the fact that I let nobody “in” and never let myself “out” because to let the affection flow was to leave the door open to hurt.  After losing my job I recoiled and now have to slay this “Apep” again. It is one of the hardest things to do, as in this particular situation I placed my trust in the wrong people and while allowing the affection to flow so freely I neglected to put up wards.

This time I have come better prepared.

At this temple I honour three Gods in particular…

I honour Bastet, Goddess of the head of my previous household; Guardian of my House;  Sol-Luna Mother; Protector and Warrior; Lady of Sensuality and Deep-in-the-belly-instinct. She is Mother and plays a huge role in my life, coming and going as cats are wont to do, popping in every now and then for some milk and cookies, and always helping me when I truly need it.

I honour Het-Heret, Goddess of my flesh; Lady of intoxication; Lady of Sensuality; Venus in the sky and on Earth; Sacred Cow and Nourisher of the Living and the Dead. She is Sister, and with Her I still have much work to do particularly with regards to my other shadow work.

I honour Sobek; Lord of Power, The “Fertilizing” Principle; Ferocious protector and Flesh eater; He who unites;  He has been with me for a long time, always patient in my worship, as I have often been a little tentative in engaging his ferocity.

One of the major lessons of this temple is Sacred Sensuality. Sensuality in its deepest sense of igniting, engaging and fully embracing all of the senses.

The Sensory preception that is attributed to the Sacral chakra is Taste. Taste is such a wonderful sense, and I often get lost in the flavours of vanilla, chocolate, a good pasta sauce, fine liqueur and so much more. As a pretty typical Taurean lady, Sensuality is one of my greatest “Qualities”. I use my sensuality to the full extent during ritual… I go all out with candles, incense, fabric, colours, music or the beautiful sounds of the witching hour. I am a particularly sensual woman and often embrace this sensuous nature.

At times, however, I do disengage from my senses, sometimes this is a defense mechanism, particularly in unfamiliar situations, sometimes it is because I’ve been hurt and sometimes it is because it is easier to not feel, see, hear, smell and taste every little thing all the damn time. This goes along with my previous posts on learning to feel again and my journey through the root.

Even more so, in this temple, I have to push these senses past myself and into my relationship with others. This is a little more difficult because trust becomes one of the major focal points. While Learning to feel again, I have to learn to trust again. Most importantly I need to trust myself and my deepest instincts. I have been doing this by engaging in creative activities such as drawing and baking, things which require as much instinct, as they do sensual engagement.

My latest artwork was a difficult piece, but it came completely from my heart, and was translated onto paper with every fibre of my being, it began as a devotional to Het-heret and as my offering it shows my bare emotion, pain and anxiety; it was every feeling of beauty and pain associated with love and feeling and it allowed me to put my emotions to paper, emotions that could find no words.

I am not the greatest baker in the world, but I do love to get into my baking, as much as I get into my painting. Baking is a ritual in and of itself, although you have to follow certain instructions in order to not flop the heck out of it, you also have to use your intuition, and allow the baking to unfold into a masterpiece of flavour and love and feeling.There is something so wonderful about being able to bake and share that offering of love and devotion with my Beloved Living as well as the many Spirits, Ancestors and Gods that are part of my life.

Strawberry muffins created on a whim with not enough strawberries, some banana and some walnut.

Strawberry muffins created on a whim with not enough strawberries, some banana and some walnut.

I often reserve baking for the big rituals and big events, but have found a simple beauty in cooking and even just preparing my next meal. Sharing food, and even just engaging fully in my meal is one of the ways I have been working in the Sacral Temple – Tasting life through the nourishment that food has to offer.

My pilgrimage at this Temple is not over, it is continuing, and the lessons go beyond sensuality, creativity and baking, but this is where I am at the moment. This Temple isn’t all rosy and joyful, it has a lot of shadow work to go along with it. Many issues need to be worked through and I know it will be as trying as the last Temple. Knowing all of this I continue on, in meditation and devotion to the Gods, Spirits, Ancestors and always to my Beloved Living.


6 thoughts on “Tasting From the Feet- The Sacral Temple

  1. Hiya, Nightshade, happy new year, Once again I enjoyed reading your latest post, and the muffins look yummy 🙂 I started working with my shadow side towards the end of last year 2013, at that point I was going through observation of the shadow, and getting ready for hard work, now 2014 the shit has hit the fan LOL, and the work has began, I did the Anubis oracle reading, and used layout 1, I chose a card for position one, Nekhbet-mother-mut, the card I chose was Set, that made some sense beings I am dealing with my shadow side, then in position 2, Nephthys, I chose Wadjet, in position 3, Isis, I chose the Desert. so all makes so much sense, where the desert card is concerned , connected to Fire and the sun, burning away the dross, getting rid of the baggage that is impeding my spiritual journey going forward. Ra has been showing up in many way’s for the last few months, I asked My patron Anubis for guidance, then just after new year I decided to go down to the local beach, on the south coast, about 20 minutes drive, it was really cold and blowing a gale, tho the sun made an appearance, also an amazing rainbow, as I walked along the beach, a voice in my head said, you will find a special stone, after a while I stopped myself looking for it LOL, and said to myself, if the voice is right I don’t need to look, it will find me, anyway, after some time I saw a huge plank of wood floating in the sea, I managed to drag it out, and then I found a huge log, so I made a see-saw for the kids to play on, it drew children to it like a magnet, also adults LOL, I had completely forgot about the instruction about the stone, as I turned to walk away from my see-saw creation, something on the ground caught my eye, YES! the most beautiful stone, and an amazing symbol of the sun in the matrix of the stone, an outer circle with a dot in the middle on a sky blue back ground, it was perfect, I have seen this symbol on Egyptian tomb paintings before, so the work has begun, Blessed Be, Sirius.

  2. Hello Sirius,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you much strength and the love and protection of Anubis during your trials with the Shadow, as it will indeed be a difficult journey. I believe 2014 will be a good year for me, good in the sense that I will at least be able to rise above my challenges victorious. Spiritually this year is also very important for me as it will continue my other witches work where I continue crafting my system, after a time where I had quite a barren period not able to see where my craft of the three ways was heading.

    I have no doubt that your work will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself and the challenges you have faced. 2013 was a brutal year for so many us, it was a divine cleansing or purification if you will, a look into the abyss. Now we need to conquer our fears and face the challenges ahead of us, the challenges that our very own shadow has placed in our paths and this is never easy.

    The stone you found is indeed an amazing symbol, and signification of protection and guidance of Anubis and the other Netjeru.

    Many Blessings,

    • Hiya Nightshade, thank you for your comment, I fully agree with all you have said, Last year was certainly a trial by fire lol, I had to face all my fears, and I feel I did this with success, and Anubis was by my side through all of this, I have such gratitude towards lord Anpu, and the Neteru, I now need to make and adjust many things in my life, and the way is open. Towards the end of the year, during a meditation with lord Anpu, I was given a vision, the vision was a symbol of water opening out into an estuary with a water serpent swimming in the middle of the flow, the vision was seen in the way you would see it in ancient Egyptian art, and with this vision came a voice, and all it said was, the way is open, so that is what is happening this year, opening the way, I have been in the craft for over thirty years, and work in the Gardnerian tradition, this year I am breaking away and working with my own structure, like you, crafting my own system, this is the beauty of the craft, you are a free spirit, not held by dogma or scripture, it is so important to build a system that is unique to you, to the individual, I have learned so much in my years with the craft, and the learning never stops 🙂 Tho I will be working mainly with my Coven, I will become more solitary and eclectic. so nice to speak with you, the blessings of Anubis be with you, Sirius.

  3. You are doing well. You have relaid the stone foundations of the house of your body chakras, and now are working on the furnace oven, which is an alchemy of transforming the raw to the cooked. Next will be the plumbing and heat pump (belly and heart chakras).
    Those comments from Sirius are very interesting and that stone sounds wonderful. It sounds like he/she have been in the craft for as long as i have, so if you know or he/she sees this I would love to find their blog as their Gravitar is not even available in the comment. Sirius is a Very important Goddess in my personal magickal practice.
    BB. Lee / Shawnus

    • Hiya, just to let you know, yes I am a man lol, 🙂 I have a powerful connection with the dog star Sirius, have done all my life in the craft and before that too, I have been in the craft for around 40 years, I met the craft during the late 60’s my connection with the old path really started when I was a child, my parents lived in a very haunted house when I was a baby, and I was very aware what was going on. that’s a long story LOL. it has been an amazing journey. I do not have a blog, but you can get me on face book, just put in search box, my name, John Cattell, let me know who you are, Blessed Be.

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