Rest in Peace Ghost: A Craft

During Samhain and the days leading up to the main ritual, I tend to have trouble sleeping, more so than usual. My dreams which are already incredible vivid, become more intense, and I find it difficult to distinguish between reality and the dream world.
With this in mind I decided to create a cute little craft to keep beside my bed, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour that my Beloved dead would appreciate.


Felt, in a colour of your choice (I chose white)

Buttons for the eyes

Cotton, sewing needle and scissors

Cotton balls or stuffing

Lavender or other herbs used for calming, sleep and relaxation, like Chamomile, Rosemary or valerian

Amethyst (A particularly powerful stone that can aid in relaxation and is used to help in cases of insomnia)


I  started with a simple pattern for the ghost which I drew and cut out of a piece of paper, I laid the pattern over the felt and cut it out:



Once the Ghost shape was cut from the felt I started to play with some ideas for the decoration:

Ghosty 2


Once I found a combination that I liked, I began to sew the buttons and the mouth onto the ghost. I started stitching him up using blanket stitch and before I closed him up, I stuffed him with some Lavender, cotton balls and an Amethyst:


Ghosty 3

And Voila, the Rest in Peace ghost is ready to be charged on the altar during Noumenia.

This would also make a lovely gift, and can be adapted for protection, love and healing as well.

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