Getting Crafty: Photo Memorabilia

I have always dreamed of having an altar filled with the photographs of those that have passed on through the veil, but I have never been able to implement these plans due to space and not being able to get my hands on a really large beautiful multiple-picture photo frame for a decent price.

Since I have limited space and since I got the creative bug the other night, I decided to begin creating something out of the things that I have on hand…

Tiny 80mm* 80mm frames

Tiny 80mm* 80mm frames

I have these tiny photo albums which I’ve had for a long time that have never been used as the frames are just too small for an average sized photo. I decided to cut it up and use the small frames to create a wall hanging picture frame instead.

I then raided my rather humble photo albums for some photographs that I could use for this project. Unfortunately many of the photo’s that I would like to use for my frames are on the computer and  I do not have ink in my printer to print them, nor enough frames for all the photos, but in that case I chose to write the names of the deceased on paper and frame them instead.

I was working on this while listening to the Rolling Stones (something my dad would have appreciated) and drinking some tea. I remember very warm, fond memories, and hummed along to the music, sticking and decorating with pieces that I could scrounge up from my nearly depleted scrapbooking box.


Photo memorabilia 3






Photo memorabilia 4

Photo memorabilia 2

I decided to bind the frames to a long piece of white ribbon, so that it could hang nicely on the left side of my Altar of dead.


Photo memorabilia

This was a very simple project requiring very little in the way of tools i.e glue, ribbon, frames, scissors, scrap booking materials and photos.

All Pictures and content copyright 2014 of Nightshade author of The Purple Broom


5 thoughts on “Getting Crafty: Photo Memorabilia

  1. I figured when i am 81, the age Lady Alsace told me i would live till, also the QBL number of Witchcraft, i will be sitting in front of an altar with nothing but the pictures of all my departed relatives and friends, and my face reflected in a mirror, then i will just do into the mirror into the next world. what do you think?

    • I think that is a very powerful thought, it reminds me of this quote from The Living Temple of Witchcraft Vol 2 by Christopher Penczak- “From the moment we are born, we are in the land of the dead. As we grow up, it grows stronger around us, until it finally claims us”.

      • Regarding yr earlier post – you are a talented artist, so just draw yr departed friend, relatives and pets as you saw them, no printer ink required etc.
        Regarding dying, when i first became ill in 2010, by Samhain of 2012 i was extremely depressed, even to the point of suicide. I believe a suicide is immediately reincarnated from Buddhist teachings, and more importantly from a past life regression by my teacher Lady Phoebe. You see i had this 300 year old oak tree with a bear head on it, and when i moved in i told it it would like longer than me, as a blessing to the tree, which was already hollow but some life up high, until the gypsy moths took that, then it died, then one wet summer it just fell into a pile red much which i dig out for my garden now. i have a road kill cat from winter in the mulch at the base and honour it and plan on exhuming it for the bones which i will honour in the CoC (cat) temple. Hey, i am a witch.Long story short i planned on pulling a “Robert Cochran” and blowing my brains out at the tree at midnight of All Hallows Eve. Hey, as least i would be remembered, LOL. Really, LOL. How foolish a thought, to miss tomorrow’s sunrise and the call of the birds, etc etc etc ad infinitum.
        Regarding Lady Alsace prediction i just decided a couple hours ago to live to be as old as she will be when she dies, and i have no idea of her age as she say in Aussie accent “age is for wine and cheese” Goddess bless her, my spiritual auntie, my best most loyal friend of 33 years. So i think she is maybe 88 and i think she will live to be a hundred so i decided to live to be a hundred too. Why not? I have so much to teach to so many people and so much to learn from so many people….
        Regarding the Penzak quote (good writer) I always remember Castaneda teaching to Always visualize Death on one’s left should, and he/she has been there ever sense. I worked in medicine in the ER, so i can tell u, it is very easy to die from thousands of causes. It is true, and that awareness makes each breath, each bird call, each cat’s meow, each new day a very very precious thing. Life is much better than death, because being an agnostic ultimately, who the fk knows what happens to out Kha, Khu, Khebs? (probably have all that misspelled Oh Kemetic bloggers, lol) but u know what i mean.

      • Thank you for sharing such a personal story. I feel there are many of us with suicidal ideation, and the full intents to commit suicide, it is a difficult decision to make, and one made often at the last and final straw with that one small seemingly insignificant catalyst. My own depression is as much a part of me as my red hair, but I have my various coping mechanisms which keep me from the edge. While I am going through a big transition again, I need to not let the suicidal ideation overcome me. Remembering the Dead and being able to converse with them is one way I am able to do that.

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