The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day- Book Review

Around two years ago, I posted a review of Christian Day’s book, and although I enjoyed the book, and did recommend it highly being that it focused on necromancy, after following him through Facebook I have come to see that Mr Day is all controversy, money and power and very little witch.

I cannot in good conscience continue to recommend his work. I don’t believe in moral absolutism, and I don’t think me ripping this book apart based on his personality is a fair thing to do, however if I am to be the witch I say I am, I cannot have a post on my blog without some kind of disclaimer if I have changed my opinion, or if new information has come out.

As much as I enjoyed the book back then, and honour it as a gift from Earthdragon, I find myself  less able to ignore the glaringly obvious controversy for controversies sake that Day has going on for him.

He is not the baddest witch in Old Salem, or New Orleans for that matter, and he certainly is not the baddest warlock in the world, even if he is the most well known. He is a flawed human being, with a nasty ego- his book has merits, but I would suggest only taking his words as a starting point, and not get caught up in all the fanfair surrounding him.




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