The Only constant is Change


If there is one lesson to take from across the veil at this time of year, it is that the only constant is change. The Leaves on the tree’s are falling golden, orange, crisp as autumn skies. Some flowers are in bloom, while the majority of the garden begins to fade before the Winter begins, and the shadows of the Dark half of the Year begin to descend into our dreams and the crevices of our souls and minds.

I spent the night venting feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, a little anger and some regret. I vented these feelings into the beading of the prayer beads, so that I could put my knots and restlessness to good use.

The Ancestors understand because they were alive once; they know our struggles and they understand our fears. They have felt and understood human pain, anger, aggression, sadness, depression, joy, happiness, elation, hope and every thing in between that we all experience, because they were once corporeal themselves.

It is with this in mind that I decided that creating  prayer beads would be a wonderful way to honour Them. The Last “Bead” that was strung was a Carnelian, a stone I particularly associate with Death and the overcoming of the fears of Death. It is also a very calming crystal in that it soothes anger, resentment and rage and allows these feelings to be channeled in a creative manner.

At the Witching hour I began with my formal ritual and decided to make a Witches bottle to receive blessings from the Dead, and at the same time, nourish them. Among the many ingredients in the bottle are Honey, Molasses, Citrine, Lavender and Marigold.


For the Dead


The energy of the thinning veil certainly still remains on this All Souls Day, and with this I offer my prayers, blessings and nourishment to the Gede and the Barons, as the season shifts from Autumn into Winter.

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