On the Witch’s Doorstep…

On the witch’s doorstep, a gift from the spirits of place and threshold; all is at is should be. Remember the ebb and the flow. This is a time for creating, for toiling away with my hands; a time for reading, pure pleasure in the way words drip from my tongue as I read passages aloud; as they coil around my brain and heart like tendrils of creeping plants in moments of silence.

Things may not make much sense from the outside, but on the inside a tapestry is being woven.

Tomorrow it is full moon in Capricorn; it is Saturn’s Moon and Saturn’s Day, a good day for binding magic. I am not at all sure what magic I will work, my spells and rituals are always spontaneous, like my art and my poetry, it flows from the inside of my veins and pours out with a prick from the needle.
Saturn energy is the energy of what some may call Karma, what I refer to as Fate and the powers of binding and unbinding, weaving and unweaving, the powers of Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, The Sisters of Wyrd, The Great Spider. Everything is woven in the warp and the weft.

Outside a Mossie is building a nest, weaving pieces of winter-dead twigs and aromatic plant material into a home. The nest builders and weavers are also creatures of Fate and Saturn.

I am reminded of two cards in the major arcana, The Wheel and The World. The Wheel is ruled by Jupiter, the greater Benefic, it spins up and down, it is pure Fortune, not good or bad, just what is. The witch dances both in the centre and on the edge, both turning and being turned. The World is ruled by Saturn Himself, Lord of Time and Reaping, He is the Scythe that cuts without bias. This is a time for works of Fortune and Fate, flow and ebb, pruning and reaping.

What shall I reap, but what I have sewn.

One thought on “On the Witch’s Doorstep…

  1. This is certainly a time for works of fortune and fate, flow,ebb and reaping, I feel it strongly in my life, Blessed Be. Sirius.

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