And then Spring Came…



“It was night, and the rain fell; and falling, it was rain, but, having fallen, it was blood.” – Edgar Allan



My dreams have been swelling with frogs and rain. The brick and cement and tar glistening with wetness, the grey skies opening with life-blood. The frogs are gold and green…money frogs. This is spring, one of the hottest springs I have ever experienced. The heat is distressing but in my dreams there is rain. And when the rain finally came the hardness and the softness melted into each other and the owls and the frogs and bees spoke their words in tears and beads of growth.

I have very much to be grateful for. I have a job, I have a cottage I call home, and I have love and happiness. Ostara is about gratitude, about enjoying the beauty of the flowering, greening world. Today it is Heritage day, and in these small moments where the world is in complete balance, the moon and sun being conjunct in Libra, I thank the spirits and the Stars for their guidance, for their love and for their strength.
Ostara Altar 2



Ostara Altar




One thought on “And then Spring Came…

  1. Yes Spring down there, and Autumn here, with the temperature in the low 40*F and thick fog, but it will warm up as the day goes on. All herbs harvested and drying in the Hex Haus, deadly nightshade poison made from the berries and some leaves to process (with gloves and mask on of course), animal bones dug up and put in jars to honour. Soon the time of All Hallows Eve approacheth…. Sounds like you are feeling more upbeat and things are better. Blessings upon you dear.

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