SHE- a Flash Fiction Piece by Jason Hes

!Trigger Warning!

*Please note that the following piece contains graphic content and language, which may be disturbing to read.

Woke up to the man on top of her. One hand was over her mouth, the other trying to pull down her underwear. His hand smelt of nicotine and sweat, and that, she thought, was what forced her to open her eyes. At first, she was in shock, and a little groggy from sleep. She struggled, but the man held her down, and told her to shut up. He pushed his knee down on her chest until she couldn’t breathe as he pulled her underwear down to her ankles. He laughed softly, a revolting sound, his brown eyes boring into hers as he removed his knee from her chest and started to unbuckle his pants. That was when she knew he was going to rape her. He was going to enjoy shoving himself inside her, and when he was done, after he had worn her out and probably killed her, he was going to return to wherever he had come from and laugh about it with his pals over a couple of drinks. He was going to do whatever he wanted, the same thing he had probably done to countless victims before. But there was the difference: she was no victim. She was a survivor.
As he undid his pants to reveal his massive cock, she managed to rip her left hand out of his grasp and swiped at his hard sex. She felt the skin tear under her nails and he doubled over, howling in surprised panic. One punch to the jaw, and the motherfucker was off the bed and on the floor.
She paused for a moment and watched him squirm. It was flight or fight, but she wasn’t about to run away. Not after what he had tried doing to her. Out of all the encounters with bastards like him, both inside and outside her house, she never ran. Not once. Life wasn’t meant to go according to plan for people like him, and now that he tried to have his way with her, it definitely wouldn’t.
She opened the bedside cupboard and pulled out the Colt 45. She turned on the lamp. The intruder looked pathetic in the light, like a little kid wearing big boy pants. Just like the countless others who had tried to do the same to her over the years. Perhaps he was a new addition of some gang lurking in her area. There were so many she had heard about, and too many she was acquainted with. Her house was his initiation. She was meant to be his prize. She ground her teeth and fought back tears. The son of a bitch thought he had the right to violate her and take whatever he wanted. She could feel the blood in her veins boil.
Life wasn’t fair, but it promised one thing: you got whatever you gave. Karma could be a real bitch, and at that moment, watching the piece of shit get to his wobbly feet, she was Boss Bitch Karma personified. She raised the gun and pointed it at him as he turned his back. The fucking wimp, running away from what he started. 
“Don’t move,” she said, her voice hoarse. He bolted for her bedroom door. Without hesitation, she pulled the trigger, hitting him square behind his knee. Again, a little bitch howl escaped him, and he bounced off of the door frame and onto the carpet. He screamed, clutching his knee, begging her to stop. She smiled and got off the bed, the gun still aimed at the intruder. “If I begged you to stop, do you think you would’ve?” She asked and clicked her tongue. She looked at the shredded skin hanging from his penis in thin, red ribbons. She got him real good, but if she was going to keep him alive for the next three hours she couldn’t do another cock shot. She looked at his wounded knee and the pool of blood soaking into her carpet. She rolled her eyes, she was going to have to lie to her domestic worker again, but this time she’d have to come up with a different excuse. There were only so many times one could spill red wine on a carpet without looking like an alcoholic. 
“You can scream all you want,” she said, this time her eyes boring into his. “Nothing you do now will change anything that’s about to happen. I have sound proofed the entire place…” She laughed and poked the muzzle of the Colt 45 into the man’s cheek. “Tonight, you are going to find out why.”

SHE ©2014 Jason Hes


Jason here 🙂 I’m a student at university and I enjoy writing. I love Sci-Fi and horror, and I am currently in the process of writing an epic novel!

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