Bury and Burn Them in the End

This is the great cleansing…
Open the windows and the doors,
Smoke out the dead, the old and broken,
Burn out the pain, the sorrows and emptiness.

We Bury and Burn Them, 
Pieces of us that we were wishing for,
Maybe we swallowed them,
maybe we spat them out.

Watch yourself die
In paper and ink
A thousand times;
And a thousand times
be reborn

Copyright 2014 of Nightshade author of The Purple Broom


4 thoughts on “Bury and Burn Them in the End

  1. That is my attitude also as this year ends and a new cycle begins.When i read that poem i see the Morrigan crossing the battlefields. It has been a horrid year for me, especially the last 6 months, and i look forward to some relief. I love to have big bonfires and burn stuff both physically and then toss into it all my pain and sorrow, then sit by the stream and let the good flow in replacing the bad flowing out. Works for me. BTW a fellow blogger’s mum just passed after a long illness, so i feel like sending her this poem….

    • This year for me has had many ups and downs… two deaths, one to begin the year, one to end it, and plenty of uncertainty but I have also found happiness and contentment. Sometimes a year can be trying and there feels like there is no escape or release, sometimes you have to “byt vas” as we say here. I have had black periods where I have been close to giving up, but then I don’t. .. I hope that the new year will bring you peace and some solace.

      P.S if you feel that my poem will help in any way feel free to share it with her, I write out of love and devotion…

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