The Witch’s Harvest- Assessing the Self

It is the final harvest before the Solstice, and a time when we look back to what we have sewn in the course of the year. At this time, we take stock of everything in our lives, and we prepare for the great reaping. One of the methods which I employ is Tarot and I have decided to do a Chakra spread with my Witches Tarot.


Heart, Throat, Brow

Root, Sacral, Solar

The Root Chakra- High Priestess

The first chakra is the root. It is our primal center which highlights our strengths, our vitality and our survival instincts. The Root is the basis of all of the other Chakras. When the root is unbalanced or blocked or rotten in some way the rest of the chakra’s will also be greatly effected. Just as with a plant, the roots need to be well nourished. This card indicates how one seeks health and security. I find it interesting that The High Priestess is at my root. The High Priestess was the first painting in my Tarot series and is the Primal energy of the Witch. She is in balance, the cosmos is at her feet.

The Sacral Chakra- The Moon

The second Chakra is the sexual chakra or creative center. This is the chakra that aligns us with the wild self, the creative flow of energy and emotion. It is the chakra of desire, feeling and passion. As I have indicated previously in “The Owl in the Barren Field”, I have felt a block in this area of my life. Creativity, passion and even my emotions have been blocked, unbalanced and stifled. The Moon in this position indicates a way in which to break through this blockage. The wolves in the card indicate the wilder aspects of ourselves. They are the primal forces which served as the main symbol for the Wild Self and Wildish woman in Estes’s “Women who run with the wolves”. If I reconnect with that part of myself, heal that part of myself, this blockage will be clear and I will be able to express myself creatively.

The Solar Plexus Chakra- Justice

This chakra indicates how we express our personal power, our will and our identity. This is the Chakra that is effected greatly by stress, shock and trauma. when this Chakra is out of balance we can be drained of energy, weak of will and unable to cope with the daily stresses of life. Justice in this position is very interesting. She is a lady of balance, she balances the heart and the mind. She holds the sword, a symbol of will and personal power in her right hand and the scales of balance in her left. She is Ma’at on a cosmic level. On a physical level she is Sekhmet, the Eye of Ra, the lady of action and whose name means “Power”. She radiates her power, strength and will like the sun to all of the other Chakras and to the world.

The Heart Chakra- The Three of cups

The Heart chakra is the central point in our bodies, it is the midpoint between the three lower, physical chakras and the three upper, spiritual and mental Chakras. This Heart indicates levels of compassion, love and the emotions. The three of cups in this position shows a balance at this Center. The Cups themselves are symbols of love, emotion and healing water. There is joy, celebration, happiness and divine love flowing through the body and soul.

The Throat Chakra- Six of Cups

The Throat chakra indicates how we communicate with others and express ourselves in the world. If this level is unbalanced or blocked we could feel emotionally repressed and unable to express our creativity outwardly. Often when I feel my Sacral Chakra is blocked, this Chakra is also effected. The Six of cups indicates that the way in which to remove the blockage is through the act of giving, remembering and playing. The only way out is through…the only way to begin creating is to create.

The Third eye- Death

This Chakra rules the intellect, intuition, wisdom and how we perceive the world. Unsurprisingly, for someone who is Devotee to Hekate and Anubis,  the Thirteenth Trump shows up in this position. I see the world through the eyes of a witch. My actions, my insights and how I perceive reality and non-reality are all filtered through my experiences as a witch. Death is Transformation and it expresses itself through the processes of dying, decay and rebirth and everything in this world will go through these processes. As it is Samhain, on a practical level, this card indicates communication with the otherside.

The Crown- Seven of Pentacles

This Chakra is the connecting point to the Divine and embodies spirituality and self-realization… The Harvest is here, there is much to reap; the fields are not barren.



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