The warp and weft

It is Tuesday. It is a day ruled by Mars – Lord of war and agriculture. I am sitting on the step which overlooks the garden. The final harvest has come and gone but the garden is still filled with life.

The birds are singing in the winter sun, weaving their threads of destiny as they fly from here to there and back again. The pink and white roses are flowering as well as my lavender and white azaleas. A lizard skitters around the pot frames and a bee comes to visit.

Yule is only a few days away and I look at my Holly tree- dark, spiky and green. She is Queen.

The red planet provokes war, disharmony and anger. It is the right time to work with Brimo, and to empower protective tools and charms.

The pattern is intricate. The three are expert weavers after all. It is also Deipnon, a full lunar cycle since I lost my hound and companion Jesse. Nights are hard; I try to drown out the sorrow, pain and fear. I am at war with myself and my own emotions.

Tonight I plan on completing the final step of my acceptance into the Covenant of Hekate. I step into her flames and her fiery, red eyes sear through my soul. “This is what I want!”

This is a time of burning away, of Katharsia, of laying cakes and offerings. The Myrtle eaters and the phantom troupe will come and they will feast. The Queen of the Red Harvest is waiting at the crossroads.

It is a Gemini moon which is ruled by Mercury. As It is Deipnon,this is Mercury as trickster. The Jackal prowls the edge, his grin is dark, toothed and laughing.

Hekate and Anubis stand as Gemini twins; Lady of flame and shadow, Lord of decay and the Desert. They are bones and blood, teeth and claws. He is The Magician and He navigates the Compass, The Circle, The Crossroads.She is the Axis Mundi.

The staff that Anubis holds, shows His ability to move along the serpentine spine of The World Soul.

For this journey I will need wings.

4 thoughts on “The warp and weft

  1. Such powerful, truly beautiful words, As I read I feel their energy, you are truly a word smith, and of course a witch, for this is were you words are given birth, that deep unfiltered magic. If you don’t mind me asking, what country do you reside?

  2. Like you, after so many years on the Wiccan road, I am now moving away from Wicca, and am now working my own witchcraft, finding true fluidy after many years of tensions going deep into darkness, then coming up for air, drowning in my own compliance to the status quo of the magical circle and tradition, but that was the way of forging, a great teaching that opens you, I also knew from a very early age who I was as a witch, and were I was going, but got lost many times, so I thought, but that was the path., and it never stops, 🙂

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