The Trickster’s Brew

When God, disgusted with man,
Turned towards Heaven,
And man, disgusted with God,
Turned towards Eve,
Things looked like falling apart

But Crow            Crow
Crow nailed them together,
Nailing Heaven and earth together-

So man cried, but with God’s voice.
And God bled, but with man’s blood.

Then Heaven and Earth creaked at the joint
Which became gangrenous and stank-
A horror beyond redemption.

The Agony did not diminish.

Man could not be man nor God God

The agony




Crying: “This is my Creation,”

Flying the black flag of himself

– Ted Hughes Crow Blacker than Ever


Raw Honey

Gluhwein (spiced wine or red wine with added spices such as cinnamon and cloves)

Bone Meal

Heat on the stove and stir- Whisper words, or sing songs of darkness, destruction and madness.

Crow is also trickster- He creates and destroys worlds of madness. Crow is God or King in His world and although his feathers are black as pitch, it will do us well to be reminded that His feathers were once pure white. He turns everything upside down, and is maniacal as The Jackal, plucking away at the dead, decayed and blackened parts of ourselves and our lives eating away at our sanity and creating us anew.

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