Adrestia and Nemesis-The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

I’m exhausted, incredibly drained and I feel cold. Anger, frustration and self-loathing are soul-sucking emotions, and my soul seems to have been sucked right out.

All that I am living through right now, is brought about by my own actions. This isn’t Karma, I don’t believe in the wishy-washy new-age notions of Karma. I don’t believe in the “3 fold law”. I don’t practice the religions from which Karma originated and therefore the idea of Karma has no place in my Witchcraft.

Nemesis, however, is a different  kettle of fish.

Punishment is not  a concept I appreciate in my witchcraft. I don’t like it, it smells too much like sin and reeks of Religion, but somehow, I cannot help but feel the lash of Nemesis on my back. I blame no one but myself for what has happened, but there are consequences and Nemesis is a personification of them.

Nemesis is a Greek Avenging Deity, She doles out punishment for misdeeds and undeserved good fortune. If balance is to be restored, and the rot is to be gotten rid of, then Nemesis is an ally.

Even though it hurts-

Even though it burns-

This hell is mine.



Form a disc out of clay.
Take two iron nails and push them into the clay in the shape of an equal armed cross.
Rub in oil of Black pepper, Rosemary and Nutmeg.
Let it dry in the sun or overnight on the Altar.
Consecrate the charm for protection and to remove evil.
Lay the disc under the doorway or near the doorway, point the nails to face outward.


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