Cleaning Home, Cleaning Bone

“Who is whispering behind the veil?
I cannot see her face
But I know that it is pale
I cannot see her lips
But I know I want to kiss them
And when she calls my name
I will no longer resist them”

-Wendy Rule- Oblivion

Saturday is traditionally the day on which I do most of my house-cleaning, I wash my clothes and floors and tidy up things which are out of place.It is also a day when I tend to do my spiritual house-cleaning. I shake the rattles, burn flames to consume evil, and fumigate the home with sweet incenses to banish and protect.

Today the rain is still pouring and the air is still cold and it is time to cleanse the skull of a springbok which has come into my possession.

The altar is prepared with blessed lavender water, myrrh and frankincense incense, and a white candle anointed in Lavender oil. I put on some gentle, soothing music, and begin my ritual. This is a time for Hekate Atalos, and Anubis the bone keeper, my Familiar is also present.

With soft caresses and cold-wet dipped fingers, I rub and cleanse the skull. With every caress her fur and ears become visible, she is beautiful, and sad, her death was hard, she was hunted, and young.I cannot speak, so I touch with my fingers- I am sorry-.

“And all I can hear
The cry
And all I can feel
The pain
And all I can see
The lives
That went ahead of me
That felt intensity

And I am crying with you
And I am moaning desire
And you have laid down your gift to my soul
I have your memory in every cell of me”

-Wendy Rule- Danse Macabre

I take my Familiar’s wing and waft the incense around the skull, the incense curls around her horns and in the sockets of her eyes. There is silence but connection, my fingers are dancing, my fingers are speaking, she is a creature of gestures.

I breathe my breath onto the skull, hoping she will accept this humble offering- the breath of life- from my soul to her soul.

I cannot speak.

I can only caress.

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